Sparta Report

Great Comic Books of the 1960’s Battle Royal

OK, who was greater:

Sgt. Rock or Sgt. Fury?

Easy Company or The Howling Commandos?

(Extra credit for Johnny Cloud and his P51 Thunderbolt screaming down on The Krauts from above!)

Budda-budda-budda or Bratatatat?

Turok, Son of Stone & Andar, his uh, Tonto or the Honkers in Lost Valley?

Classics Illustrated (with Occasional Cleavage!) or Classic Comics?

DC or Marvel?

None-a-that super-hero crapola; no Archie & Veronica stuff either.

Just WW2 (The Big One), dinosaurs & Indians or Snob Stuff in a Deplorable format.

Have at it!




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