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Go Rest High on that Mountain, Rovin

1.Behold! A Spartan goeth the way of all the Earth, one who hath brought joy to all in Sparta.

2.His mortal body is troubled by illness, yet he fighteth to the end. Yea, he fighteth the good fight and his posts shall be remembered by many.

3.A friend of many, and a treasure to behold. His insight pierceth to the core, yet he speaketh truth in his days of this land, a land of freedom that he cherisheth

4. A time to be brought home awaiteth him. Yea, the angels  shall escort him to his place to be seen again in a more purified form. A form without hurt, without pain, for he endureth to the end.

5. We embrace thee Rovin, and art with thee at this time. We keepeth thou in our prayers  with the hope we shall see thee again in a more joyous and peaceful place.

6. Know this Rovin: thou art a treasured soul here and we pray for thee and miss thy voice in our forum. Know that ye are loved and will be kept in remembrance. We thank the Lord that such a man as thou lived, and blessed us all with thy words.

7. Be at peace, Rovin for ye shall be comforted. Go rest from your labors here, for they were mighty.

8. Godspeed, until we meet again.

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