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Conan O’Brien Explores Haiti, The Most Beautiful Sh*thole In The World

Late-night “comedian” Conan O’Brien aired his special “Conan In Haiti” Saturday night. Conan traveled to Haiti and met with the people living in the most exclusive tourist enclaves in the country in an effort to prove that it wasn’t the shithole that President Trump said it was.

Here’s what Conan O’Brien left on the cutting room floor:

I always thought white privilege was a bunch of bull. Just a term made up by Leftists to sell to their racist, unhinged base to explain why Democrat policies never raised anyone out of poverty. Like most people I laughed whenever a Leftist started screeching about how privileged I was because of my skin color. I didn’t believe white privilege existed.

I was wrong, though. White privilege does exist. It’s alive and well in the hearts of every white, liberal celebrity. Is it not white privilege to be able to tour only the best parts of a very poor country simply to prove a political opponent wrong? Is it not white privilege to walk among the poorest people in the Western hemisphere handing out hats and making jokes at a president’s expense?

White privilege is indeed alive and well. Rich liberals such as Conan O’Brien are living proof of that.

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