Byron York: The Democrats might cave on DACA

From the Washington Examiner:

Back in 2015, before the presidential primaries began, a voter asked candidate Donald Trump if he believed compromise should be part of politics.

“Compromise is not a bad word to me,” Trump answered. “But if you are going to compromise, ask for about three times more than you want. You understand? So when you compromise, you get what you want.”

Now, President Trump is engaged in delicate negotiations with Congress over immigration. And he has come up with a deal. On one hand, he’s making a big offer to Democrats: legal status for 1.8 million people in the country illegally, which is more than the 800,000 or so covered by former President Barack Obama’s old Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA — plus a path to citizenship for all of them.

In return, Trump is making a big ask: A fully-funded border wall, strong limits on chain migration, and an end to the visa lottery.

The questions for Democrats: Is Trump asking for three times more than he wants? Can his position be negotiated down? Or is this the deal they should take?

The president’s critics on both Right and Left are “wrong in viewing this as an opening bid,” said a source familiar with White House discussions. “The president views this as a best and final offer.”

We’ll see if that remains the case.

What’s stunning about the negotiations is how much Trump has expanded their scope. Originally, some Democrats thought they could win a clean legalization for DACA recipients — in other words, for the president to just give Democrats what they wanted and be done with it.

But Trump and his Republican allies saw an opportunity to go big, moving beyond even the immigration positions he advocated most frequently in the campaign.


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