BREAKING: Trump Thinks that the Democrats Will Vote to Shutdown the Government Over Illegal Aliens – LIVE – CLOTURE FAILS SHUT DOWN BEGINS TONIGHT – VOTING NOW! PAUL, LEE, FLAKE, AND GRAHAM VOTE NO

Shutdown Politics

Tonight is the deadline for the Senate to pass a bill that will avoid a shutdown of nonessential functions of the government. Those who are deemed an essential employee will be still coming to work even if this shutdown is a protracted situation.

The Democrats and Republicans in the Senate have been murmuring about some “deal” that would continue funding the government short term.

In the alleged deal, the Democrats are believed to have completely caved on insisting that illegal aliens get amnesty as payment for them keeping the government open.

The deal discussed earlier is believed to be a short term extension of around three weeks, which would put the next shutdown fight right in the middle of the “crunch time” for those illegal aliens who have expiring visas in March.

If this is agreed to today, the Democrats will be able to re-fight this very same issue with the very same tactic of “Trump grants amnesty, Democrats fund the government.”

Trump tonight seems to indicate that any agreement that was hitherto agreed to has fallen through.

He stated on Twitter that prospects of avoiding a shutdown and funding the government were “not looking good.” In the tweet he specifically indicated that the military and the safety and security on the US-Mexico border would be compromised with a government shutdown.

President Trump stated that the Democrats wanted a shutdown in order to diminish the victory of the Republicans in passing the tax cut legislation.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Not looking good for our great Military or Safety & Security on the very dangerous Southern Border. Dems want a Shutdown in order to help diminish the great success of the Tax Cuts, and what they are doing for our booming economy.

Newly elected Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) has just announced that he is going to vote in the affirmative for passing the House continuing resolution to fund the government.

For other Senators, the situation is not so simple. Dianne Feinstein told reporters yesterday that she would be voting to avoid a shutdown, stating that people “are going to die” if the government shuts down.

However, her office then puts out a statement less than an hour later saying she opposed the House Republican passed continuing resolution.

Today, Feinstein tells CNN she’s undecided on the CR and when CNN asked about the press release put out by her own office, she commented that she did not know about it.

As of sixteen minutes ago, the Republicans are reported to have need of up to fourteen Democrat votes, and there does not seem to be a path to getting them.

The government will shut down tonight around 12 A.M.

The Senate is expected to begin voting on a bill at any minute.


BREAKING: Democrats SHUTDOWN Government in Support of DACA Illegal Aliens

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Cloture Vote (Need 60 to Pass the Bill)

Yea – 50

No – 48

Vote fails, the government will shut down tonight at 12:01 AM EST.

Sparta Report on Twitter


Activity Still in the Senate Chamber

McConnell has still yet to vote, this may mean that he thinks he can win over support from Democrats on some issue. There looks to be a large amount of wheeling and dealing on the Senate floor.

Steven Dennis on Twitter

McConnell and Schumer walked off the floor together. One hour from shutdown.

McConnell, if he makes a deal, will vote no and reorder a new cloture vote.


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