BREAKING: President Trump Confirms He Will Release the Memo – 100%

Hot Mic Caught the Exchange on the Floor of the Chamber

Congressman Jeff Duncan of South Carolina got a commitment from President Trump immediately after the President stepped off the podium and was exiting the building. The classified 4 page memorandum that has been able to be viewed by Congressional membership in the House for the past week has been sent to the President for release to the general public.

The Congressman shook hands with the President and said, “Mr. President, let’s release the memo.” Trump replied, “Oh yeah, don’t worry. 100%. Can you imagine that?” The President seemed to be implying what people would think if President Trump would make an about face on prior signals that he would release the memos and in fact deny the public to see what is in the report.

Duncan laughs and goes on, “I guess I’d [inaudible] -,” Trump interjects, “You’d be too angry.”

When will this memo get released? It is now far more likely that the memo will be released after the glow of the wildly successful State of the Union speech dies down. It is now polling around a 75% approval rating with American adults. President Trump will want to get as much mileage with that as possible with the American people before dropping any bombs, like that memo.

But then again, maybe not, and Trump releases it in the morning. President Trump is not known for being predictable.

Watch the exchange:


Written by NWC

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