A list of what the Democrats SAT for during the SOTU

Nancy Pelosi checks her watch during the 2018 State of the Union address.

Frankly I’m a little surprised the media showed as much footage of the Democrats’ dour faces as they did. It’s likely the media thought this was a good thing, as their colleagues in the Democrat Party would ‘lead the way’ in #resist-ing Trump, but in the real world it came off as petulant and obstructionist.  If Trump knew, and he very likely did, that they would not stand for ANYTHING he talked about, then he put together quite the list of Americanisms for them to knee-jerk oppose.

Not good optics when CBS News has a poll showing SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT of Americans approved of the speech.

Here’s the list:


Economic growth

Tax cuts

Defeating ISIS

Anthem & Flag

Healthcare choice

Veterans benefits

Gov. accountability

Unifying America

America dream.

In God we trust

Life saving medicine

Curbing crime

Black employment

War on Drugs


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