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7 Reasons Why Donald Trump Can’t Lose Now With DACA Negotiations

Trump's God-Tier Negotiations with a Democrat Party that is paralyzed on DACA

Trump has positioned himself to ensure that he can’t lose with DACA negotiations, by dangling poisoned bait for the Democrat fishes.

2 Trump Will Win Any Shutdown Battle With Senator Chuck Schumer, Period

Trump Will Win Any Shutdown Battle With Senator Chuck Schumer, Period

This should not need to be discussed, but Chuck Schumer will not win a shutdown battle with President Trump. The President has the bully pulpit, the Senate majority, and the House of Representatives under his control.

President Trump can engineer a situation where the House and Senate can make the Democrats lives a living Hell by forcing them to take tough vote after tough vote to fund various agencies and causes.

In order to keep a shutdown going, the Democrats need to continue denying funding for everything so it will supposedly increase pressure on the Trump administration to cave to their demands.

The President and his Congressional allies will simply say that they do not negotiate with terrorists. Like in the earlier, three day shutdown, the Trump administration announced that they would not negotiate on DACA legislation until the Democrats reopened the government.

In any future shutdown, the Democrats will face the same resolute Presidency. The Democrats, believing the Donald Trump presidency to be fundamentally no different from a Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush presidency, expected Donald Trump to cave to their demands.

That notion has been blown away by the actual events of the last government shutdown.

Senator Chuck Schumer would be wise to really think about what he is doing by boxing himself into the shutdown conundrum so readily. It plays right into President Trump’s trap.