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7 Reasons Why Donald Trump Can’t Lose Now With DACA Negotiations

Trump's God-Tier Negotiations with a Democrat Party that is paralyzed on DACA

Trump has positioned himself to ensure that he can’t lose with DACA negotiations, by dangling poisoned bait for the Democrat fishes.

1 The Democrat Party is in disarray with only 14 days left to go until the next Continuing Resolution is needed

As we move away from the most recent government shutdown by the Democrats over illegal aliens, the prospects for a bill coming out of Congress that gives official amnesty and legal status for the illegal aliens who came here as minors in recent years, is growing dark.

The last shutdown was supposed to create a groundswell of support across the country for illegal aliens and ensure that the Republicans and President Trump caved on the issue, granting DACA recipients a no strings attached amnesty bill attached to the continuing resolution to fund the government.

This groundswell would have eventually supported the gang of six immigration bill proffered up by Senators Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham.

After the shutdown ended, the calls have continued for a congressional solution to the expiring visas in March. However, the Democrats still do not have a viable counter proposal to the President’s oft repeated framework for any DACA legislative bill.

Senator Durbin himself announced yesterday that the gang of six bill was dead and that they do not have a viable alternative.

We came up with an agreement. We presented it to the president through Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a Republican, on January 11. [The President] rejected it, so, as of today, we really don’t have a bill before us, and we are starting anew with a conversation about what to do to meet the president’s challenge.

They have fourteen days and are scrambling to find something that will not blow up their party.

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