Why 11/17/16 May Be The Day One Admiral Saved Our Republic

My time of late has been spent researching three main topics; Uranium One, White Nationalism and ObamaGate. The last refers to the crimes committed by the Obama administration in the run up to the 2016 election and continuing on to today. My research is internet based and I like to cite my sources whenever possible as a means of letting others check my work. DAG Rosenstein’s congressional testimony on December 13th made for a busy day. While doing more reseach, a “brainstorm” caused me to unleash a Twitter thread that forms the bulk of this piece (if you find it worth sharing with others, please retweet it yourself). In presenting it here, it may seem dramatic but lets review “Why 11/17/16 May Be The Day One Admiral Saved Our Republic“.

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1. OIG’s investigation began in January. Someone REALLY important gave OIG incontrovertible proof there was a soft coup conspiracy in the DOJ & FBI against President Trump. That someone important was Mike Rogers, NSA Director. @instapundit @SharylAttkisson

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Admiral Mike Rogers came under attack by the Obama administration via the mainstream media less than two days after meeting with President-elect Trump. The NPR interview linked in tweet 1 is just one example. On 11/18/16, Trump and his transition team moved their efforts to his golf club in New Jersey – outside the reach of the FISA warrant granted in October.

What I’ve noticed over the last two months is that every time Mueller’s team leaks something or the MSM launches a new “RUSSIA!” attack, Trump has an immediate counter punch that up ends knocking whoever it may be on their ass.

It wasn’t until DAG Rosenstein’s testimony that many of the bits and pieces I’ve been chasing for months began to gel; the catalyst was Rosenstein’s bitter observation, “The OIG has 500 people and a budget of $ 100 million.

Late last night, it all came together: Why did the OIG start investigating in January? Who had the reputation & ability to gather evidence of corruption within the DOJ?

When you ask the right question, the likely answer is usually obvious. There is one individual who has access to everything everyone else is doing or saying.

While I have deep reservations regarding FISA, if what I’ve laid out here is anywhere close to accurate, it may worth having an agency with that much power … as long as the person heading it is incorruptible.

If what I have laid out here is accurate in regards to Rogers and the NSA – it should never be publicly acknowledged.


My intent is to add links in this section which relate to specific items above. I haven’t put in everything I currently have because it would confuse rather than clarify. Where I feel something adds clarity, I’ll add it with a brief comment.

Item 7: Released the day before this article will post, this tweet from Sara Carter provides background on just how corrupt the FBI has become in using the NSA systems illegally.


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