WHOA: Seth Abramson Freaks on Rumors of Trump Firing Mueller on December 22nd


Seth Abramson echoes Adam Schiff’s dire warnings for the left made the other day during his own Twitter rant. Adam Schiff has been rumored to have been a leaker of materials and testimony from closed door sessions of the House Intelligence Committee meetings.

Seth Abramson now has a date to add to the rumors of a massive shakeup incoming for the Mueller investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Justice.

Specifically, Seth Abramson says the rumors circulating around Congress point to a firing of Robert Mueller on December 22nd.

Seth Abramson on Twitter

(THREAD) There’s now a rumor in Congress that Trump plans to fire Special Counsel Mueller on December 22. If this happens, it will trigger a constitutional crisis. This thread explains what’s happening and what to do-please read and share it widely. This is an actual emergency.


He goes on a lengthy, conspiracy-laden tirade against reality, inserting opinion as fact when needed. His first point is completely untrue, Trump has as the elected representative of the executive branch, complete power to fire anyone under him. The only thing preventing him now is an executive branch regulation establishing the Attorney General of the United States as the boss of the special counsel. Trump could simply order the regulation removed and then fire Robert Mueller.


As Alan Dershowitz has said repeatedly, the President cannot obstruct justice because the president is above the law in the United States.

The only institution that can legally stop the President of the United States is Congress through impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate. Which is why President Obama was allowed to rule as a soft dictator for eight years because the President cannot be stopped if Congress is unwilling to stop him.


Seth Abramson has not seen the evidence that Robert Mueller and his team has acquired and assumes that Robert Mueller and his team have evidence against Trump because of his own “research” into the case. He uses this assumption to launch into his next assumption that presumes the guilt of President Trump and his yet to be charged associates:

Abramson does not consider that the country might be tired of an investigation entirely all too focused on President Trump and his associates while ignoring all the serious illegal activities of the Democrats and the previous Democrat administration. The Obama administration was wiretapping Donald Trump based on falsified evidence and distributing their unredacted findings to the rest of the government. Yet, we have yet to hear anything from the Robert Mueller team on this.

… he said breathlessly while waiving his fan to ward off the vapors.

Rosenstein needs to recuse himself from the case because he is a witness to the corruption of the FBI and DOJ Comey investigations with Hillary Clinton and may have been part of the anti-Trump soft coup attempts by Peter Strzok, McCabe, Page, et al. In fact, President Trump now has cause to fire them all.

And this is where the real “fear” comes out. President Trump will act as a dictator!

The left has been building this case for a long time against President Trump, who is simply carrying out the legal, lawful duties of his office. From the immigration orders to the insurance subsidies being revoked, President Trump is executing the letter of the law and the left is telling the country that he has become lawless in doing so… because reasons.

This is why that Twitter stream degrades into this:

The stream of consciousness from a now clearly seriously deranged individual continued to get more and more insane. The shrillness of the tone of words, if spoken, would likely only been heard by dogs.

His tone turned dark when he then issued a threat to the Trump administration and states that there will be mass rioting, a breakdown in the public discourse, the media will go full rogue, the President will have daily threats to his life so he would have to reduce his public appearances, Mueller or his team will leak all evidence gathered… and Seth Abramson excuses it all because President Trump would have fired Robert Mueller.

Exit question:

Is Seth Abramson promoting sedition here? If so, should people be contacting the law enforcement?


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.


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