Who Do You Trust Less – Rosenstein or Littlefinger?

While watching Jim Jordan eviscerate Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein yesterday, I was struck by the the DAG’s body language.

The night before the buzz was that Rosenstein was an experienced player who knew how to handle himself and was never nervous or rattled. He knew he wasn’t going to be warmly received by the Republicans after months of the DOJ & FBI stonewalling the Oversight Committee’s document and information requests. He was, however, given an unpleasant surprise by the DOJ deciding to release 375 of the text messages between Strzok and Page around 9 PM in DC.

Whoever made that decision did the DAG no favors because by yesterday evening the question of the day was, “Who Do You Trust Less – Rosenstein or Littlefinger?”

I’ll analyze part of Rosenstein’s testimony below but first I’m going to ask you to view the video below on full screen and muted. I’ve queued the video to start at Rosenstein’s answer to Jordan.

I want you to focus on Rosenstein’s facial expressions and his body language so you can form your own impression of his appearance.

Rep Jim Jordan eviscerates Rod Rosenstein over Mueller investigation

Mute the sound and watch Rosenstein’s body language. Pay special attention to the weird little “body hop” that happens every 5 – 6 seconds. That’s a spasm caused by the stress of lying to people when they KNOW he’s lying to them. Biggest “tell” I’ve ever seen.

The most striking thing right off the bat is Rosenstein won’t look at Jim Jordan for even as long as a second. His eyes keep darting back to the front to avoid eye contact. He knows he’s lying – he knows Jordan knows he’s lying – and he knows Jordan knows the truth about what was going on inside the FBI & DOJ – which is a lot more than what we’ve heard so far.

There is something even bigger happening and you can see it once it’s pointed out to you (unless you are a current or former LEO and I know you’ve already spotted it).
Pay special attention to the weird little “body hop” that happens every few seconds. It’s like he’s bouncing in his seat. That’s a stress spasm caused by lying to people when they KNOW he’s lying to them. It’s completely involuntary and it’s the biggest “He’s lying” tell I’ve ever seen.

You can bring up other video clips from yesterday when Rosenstein is answering a Republican representative’s questions and see the exact same behavior being repeated over and over again.

Rosenstein is like Littlefinger in his final scene from “Game of Thrones”. He knows he’s not fooling the Republicans. He knows his role in everything is laid bare.

He knows this is not going to end well for him.


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