Sparta Report

Which Trump accomplishment did you like best in 2017?

Feel free to add to the list.

01) Keystone pipeline flowing with oil

02) Dakota pipeline flowing with oil

03) Drilling in ANWR

04) Dumping the Paris Climate accord

05) Dumping net neutrality

06) Tax Cuts

07) Conservative Supreme Court

08) Dumping TPP

09) Dumping Obamacare mandate

10) Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

11) Muslim Immigration Ban

12) Reversing Cuba policy

13) ISIS being destroyed

14) Massive V.A. Reform

15) 87 record stock market in one year

16) 12 year low unemployment

17) Record consumer confidence

18) Miracle Manufacturing comeback

19) New home building 18 year high

20) Tranny ban in military

21) 4.0% GDP growth in 4th quarter

22) Decertified Iran Nuke deal

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