Sparta Report

What does the Jones victory mean?

  1. It means that the Democrats will be coming with false sexual misconduct accusations for every Republican and conservative they can find.
  2. It means that the GOPe, led by Mitch McConnell, cares more about their own personal power than they do their party, the President’s agenda, and the country.
  3. It means that a very easily retained red seat in the Senate is now blue, and as of now, pulling Sessions was a YUGE mistake because he isn’t really accomplishing anything of note in the DOJ.
  4. It means that Trump is the NEXT target of the Donks. Just watch Gillibrand. This entire saga from Weinstein to Moore to Trump has been orchestrated.
  5. It means Bannon is weakened and Trump may be weakened as well. Shades of the 2006 elections. Not that bad yet, but certainly a bellweather.  Make sure you place the blame on the proper people.

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