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Weekly Gaming/Tech Thread #63 – A Merry Gamer Edition

What Are You Playing This Week?

I played the new DLC for The Legends Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (SW); Ghostbusters (PC, finally finished the game after owning it for something like 8 years); Star Wars pinball (the real thing) and the Star Wars Battle Pod (Arcade). Granted, these were all fairly brief plays as my week ended up becoming a hectic mess.

How about you?

Gaming Headlines

Firaxis Angers South Korean Users By Representing Korea With The Hated Queen Seondeok In Civ 6

Hyperkin Has A New ‘Pupper’ Controller For Switch

Shenmue 3 Update On Kickstarter With A New Character

Dance Arcade Game Pump It Up Prime 2 Getting 2018 Update on Jan. 1st

Nintendo Celebrating One Year Of Super Mario Run

Crytek Sues Star Citizen Dev Cloud Imperium

New Etrian Odyssey Title Coming To The 3DS Next Year

Dead Or Alive 6 Might Be In The Works

Pokemon Crystal Announced (3DS)

Wing Commander 4 Used To Have The Most FMV For A Video Game

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus Announced For Switch


Monster Hunter: World Footage (PC/PS4/XB1) – If you’re into Monster hunting the Capcom way, then get hype for World, which launches to consoles next month. The story mode will take about 40-50 hours to complete :


No Description

Ascent: Infinite Realm Gets A Trailer (PC) – If you are into MMOs, airships and what appear to be steam-powered mechs, this might be the game for you.

Ascent: Infinite Realm – Reveal Trailer

The first look at Ascent: Infinite Realm, the groundbreaking new MMORPG from Bluehole Studios. This video highlights the game’s major features.

Homebrew of the Week: Reiko’s Robot Run (Atari Lynx) – Like many out there, I saw Episode 8 this weekend. I find it better than Episodes 1 and 7 but there are several glaring issues that kept me from shutting my brain off and enjoying it like a normal person #NERDRAGE. If you have an Atari Lynx and want to play a game that brings an arcade-style collect-a-thon version of Episode 7 to the hand-held, then Reiko’s Robot Run might be for you:

Reiko’s Robot Run – New Atari Lynx Game

I’m happy to announce my new little game ‘Reiko’s Robot Run’. It is released on physical cartridge alongside Karri’s ‘Always Winter, Never Christmas’. I hope you enjoy this little game that is a parody, or caricature if you will, of something very popular.

Technology Headlines

YouTube VR Launches On Steam; But The App Keeps Crashing

Blackberry Closing Their App store In 2019

Two Laser-Boron Fusion Approach May Soon Be Feasible – Fusion without radioactive waste, allegedly

New Type Of Quantum Dot Could Mean Brighter Lasers

The Dockless Bike Market Begins To Implode

New Instrument Installed On The ISS To Study The Sun’s Decline In Sunspots

Purified Natural Crystal Unlocks Hyperlensing Abilities

No Signals From Oumuamua – Not a surprise; even if it is a craft, how it would have power at this point. Here’s A Proposal For Sending A Mission There

Excitonium, A New Form Of Matter, Confirmed

Oppo Releases A Pricey Blu-Ray Player For Audiophiles


The Left Freaks Out Over Net Neutrality Repeal – Thus you know it’s a good thing to have done. While a case could have been made for some part of Net Neutrality, ignorant Lefties and Fake Tech Gurus have jumped the shark so hard on social media that any case is lost in the noise. Like Global Warming, every possible malady they can dream up is on the list of what will happen because of the repeal from censorship (which has only gotten worse with NN in place, driving growth of sites like Gab) to NO MOAR ONLING GAMING!!!!eleventy!!!!(or buying games from Steam, as per that genius, lol). All this plus death threats against FCC Chairman Ajit Pai over regulations that only went into place in 2015. Mr. Pai has taken this in stride, trolling the Left even more with this video (which YT blocked for a time and Mark Hamill threw a hissy fit on Twitter about).

PSA from Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai

Ajit Pai has been at the heart of the net neutrality debate and he would like to take this time to address all of the internet trolls with a PSA. Subscribe to our channel! Want to see more?

Twitter Launches New Rules To Banish More WrongThink Rules that seek to track what you do offline as well as on. Take a wiiiiiild guess at which side of the political spectrum will get the banhammer? Yep, whoever Jackie decides is a “hate group”, ergo, “the alt-right”. These rules were cooked up by the techno-commies over at Twitter before NN was repealed. Fortunately you aren’t being forced to use their services – Gab is ready for you and has been innovating with features that Twitter keeps on copying (except that little part about copying the concept of free speech, can’t have that now).

Bio-luminescent Plants Created By MIT – I don’t know that these nano-particle enhanced plants will be replacing light-bulbs any time soon but if you are curious as to how MIT has gone about the process, check this out:

Glowing plants

MIT engineers have been able to induce plants to give off a dim light for nearly four hours. And they believe that, with further optimization, such plants will one day be bright enough to illuminate an entire workspace. (Learn more: Watch more videos from MIT: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an independent, coeducational, privately endowed university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Space Pr0n Of The Week – Close The The Edge Of Jupiter – Data continues to pour in from NASA’s Juno mission, discovering that the Great Red Spot descends 200 miles down into the atmosphere.

Fly into the Great Red Spot of Jupiter with NASA’s Juno Mission

This animation takes the viewer on a simulated flight into, and then out of, Jupiter’s upper atmosphere at the location of the Great Red Spot. It was created by combining an image from the JunoCam imager on NASA’s Juno spacecraft with a computer-generated animation.

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