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Trump Is Winning And The Democrats Are Screwed In 2018

The Democrats have no strategy going into 2018. Sure, they’ve won a special election in deep red Alabama, but it was because they made Roy Moore an icky person. It’s impossible to name one policy that the Democrats have proposed. They don’t have any. There’s zero reason to vote for the Dems.

Meanwhile Donald Trump has had a phenomenal year. His tax cut bill will put more money in your pocket. Mueller’s investigation is faltering and flailing. There’s 81 reasons to vote for Trump and the Republicans in 2018 and beyond.

Yup, Democrats are so totally screwed.

Today’s topics:

1. Roy Moore, Alabama, & the Dems’ only play.
2. Yes, Virginia, Donald Trump is winning…bigly.
3. Why won’t Trump fire Mueller?
4. Sad, pathetic Kathy Griffin won’t go away

Check out the Washington Examiner’s list of the 81 things that Trump has done to make America great again in his first year.

Breitbart has the story on Kathy Griffin’s hilarious meltdown.

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