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The RNC Now Joining President Trump, Throws Their Support Behind Roy Moore, Mitch McConnell’s NRSC Nowhere in Sight

President Trump: Go Get Em Moore!

Where is Mitch “I believe the women [psssst: Roy Moore is a Child Molester!]” McConnell and his nevertrump political action committees (NRSC/SLF) headed by nevertrump cuck Cory Gardner? Jeff Flake already endorsed Doug Jones in Alabama, so he’s a lost cause. Thankfully not everyone in Washington DC is insane, the RNC backs the President, who came out early Monday morning to support the candidate Alabama Republicans selected to be their candidate.

The Washington Post’s article is almost certainly now no more than a fake news Democrat hit piece by an extremely questionable individual and several women who are not accusing Roy Moore of anything.

Honorable Mention: Gloria Allred

Everyone should also thank Gloria Allred for her masterful work in getting Roy Moore back from the depths of the polling slump he was in. She has severely damaged Doug Jones’ campaign and standing in the race by blowing up her own case publicly by refusing to turn over the only piece of evidence that purports Roy Moore actually did anything with these women. Now Roy Moore is six points ahead. THANKS GLORIA!

Now, the RNC is pouring money into the state of Alabama in the final stretch of the race. Steve Bannon will be broadcasting from Alabama tonight in a rally in support of Judge Moore.

… and Mitch McConnell is nowhere to be seen… Al Franken is still a member of the Senate.

“We stand with the president,” a senior RNC official told Breitbart News.

The RNC notified the RNC members from Alabama on Monday afternoon that the national party would resume financial support to back the state party in its efforts to elect Moore to the U.S. Senate. At this time, since this development is fresh, it remains unclear exactly what that means, but sources close to RNC leadership told Breitbart News that it would become apparent in the coming days.

Throughout this process, since the Washington Post published frivolous evidence-free allegations against Moore, the RNC’s position has closely mirrored the White House position on Moore. At first, the RNC held out criticism or withdrawal of support while the president was overseas in Asia on a multi-day, multi-country trip. Then, the RNC withdrew support — something the White House said it supported — while Trump himself had not yet weighed in. A week plus into the narrative, however, Trump himself noted that radical leftist Democrat Doug Jones is too extreme for Alabama to serve in the Senate and that Moore “totally denies” the allegations against him. At that point, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel said the voters of Alabama would decide.

Then, after the tweet, the president called the judge to express his full support. “Go get ‘em Roy!” Trump reportedly told Moore.

While the RNC — which is President Trump’s political arm — is clearly backing Moore now, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is still withholding support. The NRSC is controlled by the vehemently anti-Trump and anti-Moore Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell has pushed for Moore’s ouster after spending more than $30 million in a failed effort to beat him in the GOP primary and runoff.

Still waiting Mitch for that support, you corrupt turkey-necked turtle hybrid. You can’t believe the women in Roy Moore’s case and not also believe them in Al Franken’s case.

Rebecca Berg on Twitter

NRSC is standing firm on its decision to stay out of #ALSEN, @jaketapper reports… The committee’s chairman Sen. Cory Gardner previously called on Moore to drop out of the race or face possible expulsion if he won.

Hopefully Roy Moore gives you a nice set of well deserved matching black eyes from America when he arrives in the Senate chambers.

BONUS: Sad, Pathetic, Virtue Signaling Loser Mitt Romney Weighs in

Utah, I swear to all that is holy, if you elect this liberal POS… you should lose the right to self governance.

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MORE: Doug Jones is Threatening Voters in Alabama To Release Who Voted for Roy Moore, Child Molester

Voter intimidation is illegal. Of course, since when has something being illegal ever stopped Democrats from attacking the public. They are after all, the party of the KKK.

Doug Jones vs Roy Moore ad on YouTube, Illegal voter intimidation

Can you spot the lies contained withing this video that was ran on YouTube by HighWay31 PAC group? Lets just say that your vote is private unless you personally make it public and it is NOT available for public consumption for all to search and publish.


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