The Personality Type of Donald Trump

DISCLAIMER #1: No one is a “type” all of the time. The intent of personality typing is to give insight into how people will generally behave in a situation by understanding how they generally process information about the world they live in.

One of the most popular personality typing tools is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®). The MBTI was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother Katharine Cook Briggs.

DISCLAIMER #2: There is considerable debate about the MBTI. Here’s my $0.02. If it helps you recognize ways you might be able to better relate to other people, then it’s something you can use to your benefit. If it doesn’t, then don’t use it!

DISCLAIMER #3: No personality type is better or worse than another personality type. Except for the “Patrick” personality type.

What the MBTI does is rank people into 16 different categories based on whether you have a tendency to be:

Introverted or Extroverted: This has to do with whether you feel energized being with people or whether you feel emotionally drained. Abraham Lincoln was thought to be a Myers-Briggs introvert.

Sensing or Intuitive: If you take in information by focusing on facts and details, you tend to be sensing. If you are more interested in the big picture, you’re more intuitive. Barack Obama is thought to be a Myers-Briggs intuitive.

Thinking or Feeling: If you make decisions by looking at all the data and then making an analytical decision, you are more thinking. If you make decisions more on your own value system and the impact on others, you’re more feeling. Bill Clinton is thought to be a Myers-Briggs feeling.

Judging or Perceiving:  Do you prefer a more structured and decided lifestyle (Judging) or a more flexible and adaptable lifestyle (Perceiving)? Richard Nixon was thought to have a judging personality.

Let me throw in a personal opinion here. The entire notion of judging and perceiving has been controversial since “judging” has a negative connotation particularly in today’s SJW climate. While Myers-Briggs has kept the terminology, they’ve adopted a more politically correct definition in my view. When I learned about Myers-Briggs, judging had to do with whether people saw the world in terms of black and white (right or wrong) or whether most things were seen in shades of gray (there are two sides to every coin).

This gives us a matrix of 16 possible combinations.

President Trump is thought to be a ESTP. Not unsurprisingly, I’m also an ESTP. I’ll tell you why in a bit. Another famous ESTP is Winston Churchill. George W. Bush is also thought to be an ESTP. Well, the indicator isn’t perfect!

The traits of an ESTP are outgoing, realistic, action-oriented, curious, versatile, spontaneous, pragmatic problem solvers, and skillful negotiators. ESTPs are sometimes referred to as “the entrepreneur.”

From a Myers-Briggs perspective, where many on the right have problems with President Trump is in the “perceiving” characteristic. In my own experience, my perceiving tendencies lead me to often agreeing with people on the direction we should take but see multiple ways to accomplish it based on what I would call “being realistic.”

The best example is illegal immigration which is — illegal (that’s my “sensing” based on the clear data). If ICE comes across an illegal, they are subject to deportation. Period. (“Thnking”). But let’s be realistic — we’re not going to deport them all — not by a long shot. (“Perceiving”). Let’s figuring out a pragmatic way of solving this.

All you judgers are going “NO! There’s a right and a wrong and they all have to go! NOW!”

I get it.

When we talk about President Trump, I expect him to negotiate everything and a win is achieving the best realistic solution based on the circumstances at the moment. That’s what we perceivers do.

Like many other instances surrounding the election of President Trump, the left force fit their beliefs about The Donald into a Myers-Briggs profile to show how Hillary would be a better President. And they were wrong with articles suggesting he was an ENTJ. In the left’s world, Donald Trump was just a loud mouthed extrovert who was making things up (intuitive) as he went along with no empathy for people (thinking) and just making wild statements (judgement). As the article I referenced suggested —

Once you understand that The Donald is The ENTJ, you can practically predict his next moves. Eventually it is likely to be found that “the King has no clothes,” but meanwhile he will be a dominant force in the presidential race.

If you’d like a bit more insight into how ESTPs make decision, here’s a very good article.

See if this sounds more like the President Trump we know:

When it is time to implement a decision, ESTP personality types charge ahead fearlessly. They tend to move quickly, and prefer decision options which reduce effort and increase efficiency. This often involves discarding traditional approaches or standard methods, in favor of more innovative approaches and values. They are able to adapt quickly to changing contexts or situations, and do not hold back when pushing for a particular result or outcome.

I also want to spend a moment on the Bart Simpson cartoon and the notion that “ESTPs are able to handle criticism” which seems to fly in the face of Trump’s tweets. Speaking for myself, because I see the world as shades of gray, if you tell me there’s another option to solve a problem that I haven’t considered, I’m all in to look at it. If you’re an “Intuitive-Feeler (NF)” and you say “but that’s not the way the world should be!,” I’m going to totally freak out. If you question that I haven’t looked at the data and thought things through, I’m going to defend myself. And then there’s President Trump who just tweets things because he can have a little fun with the left. They really need to lighten up a bit!

DISCLAIMER #4: NWC’s views on immigration are not realistic but I still like him. Damn “judger” anyway!

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