The Chronicles of the Trump, Chapter Eight

1.Hearken, O ye Deplorables!  For the tide turneth in our favor, and the wrath of Trump troubleth the waters of the Liberal.

2.For they continueth in the path of vexation, yet they only vex themselves to scorn. They thinketh they are smart, but they are dumb. They think they can see, yet they are blind. They believeth they hear impeachment, but yet they are deaf.

3.The trap they layeth has sprung against them. They once bringeth forth harlots who maketh claims of debauchery, and it faileth them. Yet they are stupid and try again with Moore.

4.And a bitch admitteth a forgery , and ruineth her lie. She maketh up things to harm one, and it biteth her ass. The ruse backfireth on her ass, and her lawyer is naked before her enemies.

5.And Lo, those than condemneth Moore stand condemned themselves by their own actions.  By the simple things the Lord confounds his enemies.

6.For Nunes standeth cleared after 8 months.  The FBI cleareth Sessions and the Rooskies. Their wall faileth them in their time of need.

7.And the truth emergeth from the darkness. The imps of Mueller stand accused of bias to the Bitch.  Yea, many of his people are found wanting, and one being sent to a desk, and there will be more.  A judge stands removed of Flynn, and we waiteth to see more unfold.

8.A General, an Inspector, issueth forth a report soon that standeth to condemn those opposing Trump.  Yea, they moveth first to mitigate it, but they are exposed. Sunlight reacheth their private parts, and it      burneth them that no itching can quench.

9.For yet another media proletarian has come under the eye of Trump.  Yea, ABC openly lieth, and are caught in the lie, and great was the fall of the prick who doeth it.

10.But another sayeth “holdeth my beer.”   CNN lieth too, and are caught yet again. Yea verily, they shall reap their reward and be cast on the dung heap, being good for nothing.

11.And good news reacheth out today. For 2 million jobs have been brought to light by Trump.  The Bull runneth amok in the market, and the bear feareth for its life.  A catastrophe was predicted by the soothsayers, yet it shineth under Trump. Obullshit himself sayeth that Trump will never get 2%, yet he now approached 4. He confuseth the wise with their own vomit, and rubbeth their nose in it.

12.The People of Alabama standeth strong, and refuteth the Romneys. They laugheth at the Nevertrumpers. They thumbeth their nose at a Turtle. They farteth in the Nevertrumpers’ general direction.

13.We have Christmas in the White House again. An angel appeareth to the children, who loveth her. Grace appeareth at that time, and there was peace and laughter among the children.

14.And yet, the Deplorables wanted more, and their cup runneth over.

15.For the Trump flieth to Florida, to speak to the people directly, and great were his words, which astonisheth his enemies for he dared to speak harsh truths about them.

16.So great were the Words of Trump, that they can scarcely be written by man. Yet the Gloater doeth his best, with the weakness of Man in his fingers.

17.He calleth out the media, and demandeth they apologize for their smears and lies.

18.He calleth out a rigged system, and sickness in hallowed institutions.

19.He calleth out the Resistors, and mocketh their voice.

20.He joketh about surveillance, that he knows a thing or two about it.

21.He mocketh those who control our country and reject its people.

22.He calleth out the Uniparty as they resisteth his plan to make America prosper.

23.He calleth out Obama and the pallets of cash he sent to our enemy, and asketh if that much power should be in ones hands.  Yea, he refuteth the Deal, and Corker disemboweled.

24.He calleth out the Murdering City of San Francisco, and crieth out for Kate to be avenged.  He calleth out their plot to protect illegals, and leave Amercians to die.

25.He mocketh the dossier, and hurleth it in the faces of his enemies.

26.But yea, he speaketh of the good that the media denies.  He speaketh of the good and it causes their bones to shake, as his voice pierceth their black hears to the core for they know he speaks truth.

27.He rolleth back regulations  that strangleth the economy.

28.He unleasheth the Energy sector, to buoy up a rising economy.

29.He rebuketh the Paris Accord, and the chicanery inherit in it.

30.He shouteth out to Moore across State lines, and ‘splodey heads abound throughout the land.

31.And in a mighty voice, he sayeth America is Family. America is Sovereign. He telleth the World to join him or piss off.

32.And in the midst, the Nevertrumpers tweeteth meekly. They biteth the ankle, yet leave no wound, for their bite is weak, and their jaw, brittle.

33.Yea, Trump taketh the fight to the enemy, and asketh the help of the Deplorables. His ways are not always our ways, yet we fight the same battles.  We few, we merry few, we band of Deplorable brothers and sisters.

34.And Trump closes the deal this evening: America worships God, not the government.

35.He smiteth his enemies with their own words. He crushes their pearls beneath his feet.  He fighteth.

36.An imperfect man at the perfect time.  Let him tweet abundantly.  Let him rile his enemies.

37.Let Trump be Trump.

38. Put on thy armor. Prepareth thy paths to lay waste to our enemies. As the Lord liveth, he gives this chance to us to restore this great nation. Grab thy sword, prepare for battle, and be steady, for the battle will rageth on and on.

39. Let Trump be Trump.



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