Sunday Night Football Down 30% in Ratings VS Last Year, Down 11% VS Last Week

Sunday Night Football ratings slump

The slide continues and the owners, players, officials do not care, in fact, they continue to flaunt the fact that they do not care by continuing the multi-million dollar contract to keep on the chief proponent of the social justice movement within the NFL, Roger Goodell.

It is more than clear that the NFL is going to ride social justice missile all the way to the detonation. Thankfully, the fans are having none of it: no one is going to the games in person, pictures of empty stadiums abound with low attendance becoming the new normal.

The ratings slump continues, even with teams that make the game competitive to the end:

Sunday’s super-slim 39-38 victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Baltimore Ravens was the biggest thing going for broadcast on Sunday night.

NBC’s latest Sunday Night Football averaged an 11.6 overnight rating among households. Before time zone adjustments, it easily won the night — topping even the midwinter finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. But, stacked against a season high for the same week a year ago, the game suffered a pretty steep drop.

The Steelers’ win was down 30 percent from the huge Giants-Cowboys game a year ago. And, even with such a tight matchup, this week’s marquee primetime game was down 11 percent.


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