Schumer to GOP: You’ll ‘Rue the Day’ you passed the tax cut bill – UPDATE: Chuck Schumer is Ken from Real Genius?

Excuse me while I clean off my monitor.  Did he really say that?  Let’s check the video:

Schumer GOP Will Rue the Day They Passed the Tax Bill

Chuck Schumer threatens that the GOP will ‘Rue the Day’ they passed the Tax Cut Bill

Why yes he did.  But really…who talks like that? [h/t Orbitalair]

Real Genius Citroen / rue the day

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Now I can’t stop giggling.

Too bad Happy Gilmore wasn’t there.

Happy Gilmore – How About I Just go Eat Some Hay?

Funny scene between Happy Gilmore & Shooter McGavin in the comedy film “Happy Gilmore”.

Get ’em, Chucky!


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