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Roy Moore Rally in Fairhope, Alabama

Roy Moore is holding a rally in Fairhope, Alabama tonight. It is scheduled to begin shortly.

Steve Bannon is the special guest speaker tonight at the rally.

The election will be next week. Going into the final leg of the race, Roy Is ahead of Doug Jones with the entire media arrayed against him, including most of the Senate.

Mitch McConnell reiterated today that he will be investigating him with the ethics committee as soon as he arrives in the Senate if he wins. He stated he still wants him to drop out.

Lisa Murkowski today became the second Republican to endorse Doug Jones when she asked for Alabama’s voters to send someone other than Moore to the Senate. Of course, the only other viable person on the ballot is Democrat Doug Jones.

By the way, piece of crap Jeff Flake just wrote a check to liberal Democrat Doug Jones. Another true conservative nevertrumper again giving aid and comfort to the Democrats (the party of the KKK and who want to overthrow the government).


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