Donald Trump Is The Republican President Remaking The Judiciary

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I’ve often told people that I’m not all that worried with President Trump’s supposed “missteps.” I’m not so naive to think that every misstep is really the result of Trump playing 4-D chess with his enemies and the American people (although that Pocahontas troll was a master stroke). I’m just very confident that Trump has a plan and is working that plan to the benefit of the country and the American people.

The biggest part of that plan? Being the most Republican president ever in terms of packing the appeals courts with conservatives:

Of the nearly 60 judges he has nominated, only one is black, one is Hispanic and three are women. The rest are white men. All of these people are conservatives who will be interpreting and helping (re)write the law for decades.

These appointments reveal Trump for what he truly is: a Republican. His court picks amount to a right-wing takeover of the court system. This has been the objective of every Republican president since Ronald Reagan. Trump is distinguished only by his success at transforming the federal bench so early in his term.

The claim that Trump has not accomplished much in his first year in office is dead wrong. He is fashioning the federal court system of Steve Bannon’s dreams. The president has nominated judges who will cut back the civil rights of racial minorities and LGBT people, expand the power of police and prosecutors, restrict the ability of women to obtain abortions and favor big corporations over consumers.

Trump took office facing a backlog of 114 judicial appointments – the most of any president since Bill Clinton. This was not a coincidence but rather the product of a calculated project by Republicans in the US Congress to deny Barack Obama his authority to appoint judges. In a bold power play, Senate Republicans, who must confirm judicial nominees, simply refused to vote on most of Obama’s selections during the last year of his presidency. They were, in effect, waiting for Trump.

In the immortal words of “Creepy Uncle” Joe Biden, this is a big f*cking deal. The power that comes with controlling both houses of Congress pales in comparison to controlling the court system. The Legislative Branch may write the laws, but the Judicial Branch is where they are set in stone for all time.

You see, control of Congress lasts only until the people get annoyed enough to vote enough of your party out of office. It’s fleeting, ephemeral, and totally dependent on the will of the people (and the lobbyists/donors). Appeals court judges, however, serve for life. All a Republican president needs to do is get enough (relatively) young bucks in the right places that share his values. Once that happens you’ve got a right-wing machine that can effectively shape the course of the country over generations.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the Left. The Legislative Branch is not where they’ve had their greatest triumphs. Yes Obamacare was passed through Congress, but that was with a Democrat majority in both houses, a Democrat president, and a hell of a lot of legislative obfuscation. Obamacare would never have passed without the perfect storm that was Obama’s first term. The same could be said about most liberal ideas if they were honestly presented to the American people.

The Left doesn’t count on Congress to do their dirty work. They rely on the courts. When the Left fails legislatively they run screaming to the court system-usually the 9th Circus…err…Circuit. All they need is a judge that’s sympathetic enough to The Cause to rule in their favor.

Look at what happened with gay marriage. Several states had passed laws defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Even the population of that liberal utopia, the People’s Republic of California, had dared to defy the Gay Mafia in this regard. What did the Left do? They manipulated the court system.

Leftist groups and individuals launched lawsuit after lawsuit until finally, the issue of gay marriage wound up in front of the Supreme Court. The highest court in the land promptly declared that Adam and Steve can tie the knot after a drunken weekend bender in Las Vegas the same as any heterosexual couple. Today gay marriage is the law of the land because of activist judges with lifetime appointments that are beholden to no one.

Trump’s travel bans are the most recent example of this. The Constitution of the United States of America, the supreme law of the land, gives the President the power to keep out whoever the hell he wants. If a president ruled that willingly identifying as a brony disqualifies them from entering the United States, then by God that’s what’s going to happen.

republican president brony
Never trust anyone who admits they’re a brony. Special thanks to Doomberg for providing the photo.

The Left didn’t let a pesky thing like the supreme law of the land stop them from defying Trump’s travel ban, however. They shopped around until they found left-wing judges willing to completely ignore the founding document of this country in order to soothe the hurt feelings of liberals across the country. The madness was only temporarily ended when the Supreme Court stepped in and allowed President Trump to exercise his constitutional authority.

No, the real power in this country is in the courts. Control the court system, and you are effectively able to set the direction of this country for decades. President Obama handed over one hundred federal court vacancies to Donald Trump when he left office. George W. Bush, by contrast, left Obama only fifty-four vacancies. As the Guardian notes, Trump hasn’t been shy in making sure he appoints sufficiently right-wing judges to these positions.

Strangely enough, the Senate is backing Trump in this aspect. Democrats have blamed Senate Republicans for obstructing court appointments during Obama’s final year in office. Likewise Mitch McConnell, everyone’s least favorite establishment hack, deserves credit for holding the line against Obama when Justice Scalia died. Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick-Neil Gorsuch-sailed easily through the confirmation process as well.

The appeals courts, however, is where Trump has seen the biggest gains. Fourteen out of Trump’s sixty appointees have been confirmed. Barack Obama had twelve judges confirmed in his first year. George W. Bush manged to get thirteen confirmed. Bill Clinton only managed to get five in his first year. Again, in this regard at least, Trump and the GOP-led Senate are marching in lockstep.

Surely the media must be all over this story, right? A Republican president wresting control of the judiciary away from its rightful, left-wing masters must be front page news, right?

Go back and read the Guardian’s article again. Take special note of the tone of the article. This isn’t an article that’s been written merely to inform the populace of something that a Republican president is doing. The prevailing tone throughout the article is one of sheer terror. The Guardian is in full panic mode. They aren’t informing anyone. The Guardian is quite literally sounding the alarm bells.

Aside from some obligatory coverage of how truly awful a person Neil Gorsuch is, you won’t see much coverage of this in any of the mainstream media. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. are all focused too much on the Russia narrative. Or #MeToo. Or how great Obama was, and why oh why couldn’t Hillary Clinton have one, and oh my God did you see what Trump just tweeted???

republican president trump
Why yes…yes we did…

We’ve all assumed that Trump’s tweets, his trolling, and his distractions are merely because he enjoys poking the Media and the Left. Some of the more observant pundits have speculated that he’s doing it to either distract from or call attention to whatever he’s doing at any given moment. What if it’s more than that, however? What if, at the end of the day, Trump has realized that the judiciary is where the true power lies? Could all of Trump’s trolling be a cover for what is potentially the biggest victory that a Republican president-and the Right in general-has ever had?


Donald Trump’s judicial appointments are where he has the potential to have the greatest impact on the country. These are people that, by and large, will agree with large swaths of a Republican president’s agenda. Barring any unforseen circumstances, these judges will serve for decades. Their decisions will shape the legal, moral, and cultural history of America for generations.

That is why the Guardian is feverishly sounding alarm bells. Donald Trump is slowly but surely gaining control of the true seat of power in America. The principles that he campaigned on, that are at the very core of what it means to make America great again, will reverberate for literally decades.

One day in the not-too-distant future, the Left will realize the country is not how it should be. The promises of their socialist forefathers will be unfulfilled. Their hard-won gains will be rolled back. Their pathetic ideology will be marginalized to the footnotes of history. One day, the Left will wake up and-much like their First Woman President-wonder, “what happened?”

That suits me just fine.


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