Protests Expanding Across Iran After the Government Orders Them to Stop or They Will Experience the ‘Nation’s Fist’

The government of Iran sent out a text message to every single citizen living inside Iran that if they are to join up with the protests, they will be prosecuted. The government is exhibiting signs of panic as the protests spread and intensify throughout the country.

The government was rumored to have shut down the internet in order to stop the spread of information to the protesters and to tamp down on the ability of the protesting individuals to coordinate with each other.

President Trump has tweeted several times about the ongoing civil strife in the country. He has also issued statements through the State Department as this movement has progressed. President Trump has met with condemnations by the left and former Obama administration officials who see all their hard work, attempting to arm the religious zealots running the country with nuclear weapons, going up in smoke.

Susan Rice on Twitter

How Can Trump Help Iran’s Protesters? Be Quiet.

Susan Rice and the rest of the left has come down hard on President Trump because… he is siding with the blossoming freedom movement in Iran.

Apparently Susan Rice would rather our officials be silent on these protests like ex President Obama was during the 2009 aborted revolution in Iran. She would prefer that the United States give the “green light” to the government of Iran, by remaining silent, so they can murder hundreds of civilians protesting for their rights to self governance.

Today, the President confirmed that Iran has indeed shut down internet communications throughout the country:

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Big protests in Iran. The people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. Looks like they will not take it any longer. The USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!

After days of silence, the President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has stated that Iranian citizens were “completely free to express their criticism of the government or stage protests… in a way that would lead to the improvement of the country’s conditions.” However, the President issued a warning that those who were protesting or criticizing the government and also caused the destruction of public property or violence would not be tolerated.

Rouhani did not comment on the violence being committed by his own security forces and video of them shooting civilians. Nor did he state why his government was shutting down internet access to websites showing video and messages from the peaceful protests apart from their desire to maintain “tranquility.”

The protesters are chanting for the leadership to be overthrown and setting fire to islamic buildings:

Iranian religious military order known Iranian Revolutionary Guard is attempting to arrest those protesting, after they issued a warning to the country that they will be experiencing the “iron fist” if they continue to protest.

A government prosecutor, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi in Tehran, stated that he obtained “confessions” from the individuals they have arrested stating that “they were carried away by emotions and set fire to mosques and public buildings”.

In one video as seen below, the civilians protesters on the street are seen overturning one of their vans carrying arrested protesters.

This is happening in the capital city of Iran, Tehran, where over 200 have been reported arrested overnight:

Now there are reports of dozens of flights leaving the country as the protesting intensifies. Is this a sign that the upper levels of the government are fleeing the country?

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There are now defections taking place by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and their militia they control, the Basij:

Jacob Wohl on Twitter

Iranian Revolutionary Guards (the most extreme Military Force Iran has) are shedding their uniforms and joining the #IranProtests

It would appear that remaining silent is asinine advice given the developments that are happening throughout the country. Trying it the Obama way left hundreds dead and a stronger government that supported terrorists throughout the region. We even paid them over 150 billion dollars to fund their war efforts in the Middle East.

Conjecture: We paid them for several reasons, one being that because we were the original backers of ISIS and they grew out of control so we needed someone to stop them. A second reason was that the Obama administration had also accepted that the world would see a nuclear armed Iran. Third and finally, Obama and the left hate America as it stands, having a resurgent anti-US regime in the Middle East is yet another black eye they get to give to an oppressor nation.


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