New CBS Poll Shows the Media and the Establishment Caving on Roy Moore

For several weeks now, there have been dueling polls showing giant, outsized Roy Moore leads juxtaposed against polls showing a tied race or small Doug Jones leads.

Most of the MSM polls have been showing the race as close, or even predicting a Doug Jones victory. Personally, I have never believed these polls. The media polling in 2016 was a disaster and likely deliberately falsified to show a Hillary win, and the hysteria the Democrats generated over Russia (Putin hacked the election for Trump!) was at least partly meant to shield the media and the pollsters from any untoward discussions about how they had so badly screwed up their electoral forecasts.

I believe the same kinds of tactics are now in play in Alabama, with a massive media blitz around the false Moore sexual assault accusations being used to try to dispirit conservative voters and get them to stay home. Republicans, afraid of further challenges from Steve Bannon, have seized upon this to try to shut down the latest conservative uprising by torpedoing Moore and throwing the seat to Doug Jones.

However, there are signs that the establishment is starting to give up on stopping Moore. The first is that Mitch “Crush the Tea Party” McConnell suddenly started walking back his attacks on Moore, a good indicator that Moore is expected to win:

The Kentucky Republican backed Luther Strange, Moore’s opponent in the GOP primary, then called for Moore to quit the general election race after several women last month accused him of sexual misconduct or behavior.

“I’m going to let the people of Alabama make the call,” McConnell on Sunday told ABC’s “This Week.”

“Roy Moore should step aside, the women who’ve come forward are entirely credible,” McConnell said last month. “He’s obviously not fit to be in the United States Senate, and we’ve looked at all the options to try to prevent that from happening.”

Then there is this new CBS poll which also “just happened” to be released today, right around the time McConnell started walking back his attacks on Roy Moore and his implicit support for Doug Jones. This poll is important because it’s a major MSM poll admitting what we’ve known for weeks; Roy Moore will be the next Senator from Alabama in a few more days and no one except Democrats and NeverTrumpers believe the false allegations against him:

As the majority of Alabama Republicans believe that the allegations against Judge Roy Moore are untrue, he now takes a commanding lead over radical leftist Democrat Doug Jones per a new CBS News poll.

The poll found Moore with a six-point lead over Jones. Moore, at 49 percent, leads Jones — who’s stuck in the low 40s at 43 percent — while four percent said they would vote for someone else and four percent said they are undecided.

The CBS News/YouGov poll, conducted between Nov. 28 and Dec. 1, surveyed 1,037 Alabamians registered to vote in Alabama. It further segmented the poll results into some results among registered voters and others among likely voters. Among registered voters, the margin of error is 3.8 percent. Among likely voters, the margin of error is 4.8 percent. The results for the election, with Moore leading Jones, were broken down to likely voters.

A total of 54 percent — a majority — of likely voters in Alabama said that the allegations are either definitely false, probably false, or that they have “haven’t heard enough yet to say” whether they believe the allegations against Moore. Only 45 percent of all likely voters in Alabama say they believe the allegations are either definitely or probably true — with just 21 percent saying they are definitely true.

What is more, when broken down by party affiliation, the numbers get even more profoundly in Judge Moore’s favor. A total of 83 percent of Republicans say that the allegations are either definitely false, probably false, or that they have “haven’t heard enough yet to say” whether they believe the allegations against Moore. Only 5 percent of Republicans say the allegations against Moore are definitely true, and 12 percent of Republicans say they are probably true. Among Democrats, 86 percent say they are either definitely or probably true — while just 14 percent say they are definitely or probably false or that they have not heard enough yet to say.

These findings are devastating for both the GOP and the Democrats and signal the establishment is giving up on trying to stop Roy Moore. They’ve spent the past month smearing Moore as a pedophile and a rapist, the GOP has cut off his money, McConnell has explicitly called for Moore to withdraw from the race and tried to find ways to force him out, and the media has blanketed the airwaves with false allegations against him, not to mention attacks on the voters of Alabama themselves.

And the response from the voters has been to mostly rally around the judge. A majority of Alabamans clearly do not believe the media, and in particular Republicans have totally rejected the allegations about the judge. 83% disbelieve them or at least doubt them. Ten years ago, these sorts of allegations would have absolutely destroyed any Republican they were deployed again.

Can you imagine how angry and frightened the establishment must be now that their smear machine is growing less and less effective?

This is exactly what happened with Trump in 2016. We’re about to see the lying media and the corrupt establishment rejected yet again by the voters in the voting booth.


Written by Doomberg

I am Doomberg, one of the original founding members of Sparta Report, and have been here since the beginning. I am an insatiable news junkie and enjoy reading and writing about the US territories, the Caribbean, video games, smartphones, and of course conservative politics in general.

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