Mueller is Now Digging Into the Trump Family Bank Accounts and Mortgages Held by Deutsche Bank UPDATE: REUTERS DIDN’T VERIFY, FAKE NEWS!

Trump-Russia Mueller investigation started because of the Washington Free Beacon

UPDATE: Fake News! Reuters Failed To Verify Information

Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow confirms that Deutsche Bank did not give documents over to Mueller and secondly, Mueller didn’t even issue a subpoena for the documentation.

Jake Tapper on Twitter

Trump attorney @JaySekulow tells CNN: “We have confirmed that the news reports that the Special Counsel had subpoenaed financial records relating to the President are false. No subpoena has been issued or received. We have confirmed this with the bank and other sources.


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Deutsche Bank received a subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to provide information on some transactions the Trump family has had with their organization. Germany’s largest bank complied and has handed over “key documents” to Robert Mueller’s Team:

Deutsche Bank, which has loaned the Trump organization hundreds of millions of dollars for real estate ventures, said it would not comment on any of its clients.

Mueller is investigating alleged Russian attempts to influence the election, and potential collusion by Trump aides. Russia has denied U.S. intelligence agencies’ conclusion that it meddled in the campaign and Trump has said there was no collusion with Moscow.

The German bank is one of the few major lenders that has lent large amounts to Trump in the past decade. A string of bankruptcies at his hotel and casino businesses during the 1990s made most of Wall Street wary of extending him credit.

A U.S. official with knowledge of Mueller’s probe said one reason for the subpoenas was to find out whether Deutsche Bank may have sold some of Trump’s mortgage or other loans to Russian state development bank VEB or other Russian banks that now are under U.S. and European Union sanctions.

Holding such debt, particularly if some of it was or is coming due, could potentially give Russian banks some leverage over Trump, especially if they are state-owned, said a second U.S. official familiar with Russian intelligence methods.

“One obvious question is why Trump and those around him expressed interest in improving relations with Russia as a top foreign policy priority, and whether or not any personal considerations played any part in that,” the second official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

During his White House campaign, Trump said he would seek to improve ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which had been frequently strained during President Barack Obama’s administration.

There was no immediate response to the Deutsche Bank subpoena from Trump’s lawyers.

The subpoena was earlier reported by German daily Handelsblatt.

Now that Robert Mueller is vastly expanding the investigation beyond the original Russian tampering with the voting process and their hacks into the system (there weren’t any) and into the Trump family finances, he is in danger of being removed right?

President Trump said earlier this year that the investigation into Trump’s finances were off limits unless this is directly related to the Russia probe. Here is what Trump had to say:

In a July 9 interview with the New York Times, Trump said Mueller should not extend his investigation into Trump’s finances if they were not directly related to the Russia accusations.

Asked if delving into his and his family’s finances unrelated to the Russia probe would cross a red line, Trump replied, “I would say yeah. I would say yes.”

The president declined to say what he would do if Mueller began such an examination, but he continued, “I think that’s a violation. Look, this is about Russia.”

Is Mueller about to be fired? Does Mueller want to be fired?


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