Masterpiece Cake Shop Field Trip

I decided to make a run to Masterpiece Cake Shop and buy some cookies in support of their case going to the Supreme Court next week. This thirty five minute trip actually wound up being about an hour and half since evidently this was “Wreck Your Car Day on I-25.” Anyway, we persevered.

As you can see, the shop is on the corner of a strip mall. I had to drive around a bit to find it. The words “Cake Shop” on the sign turned out to be a helpful clue.

I had the chance to meet Jack Philips’ wife Debi who was very gracious. She mentioned that they will be traveling to Washington D.C. to hear the oral arguments before the Supreme Court and will be closed next week.

I was truly amazed at how small a place Masterpiece Cake Shop actually is. About 1/2 the shop is devoted to the display cases and 1/2 to customer area. There was also the back of the shop with the ovens and so forth. There was a steady stream of people coming in the entire time I was there. Many were doing the same thing as I was — just buying something to show their support but quite a few folks were obviously regulars.

On the way back, I couldn’t resist stopping at the Furniture Row store that was exhibiting the car Martin Truex won in at Homestead, FL to clinch the Winston Cup Championship. Oops, typo there. It’s actually the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup these days.






Let’s see if I can wrap this up with some pithy writer stuff to tie everything together.

The motto of the 78 NASCAR team this year was “Never Give Up.” Probably a fitting slogan for us on the right as well!

Didn’t think I could do it did you?

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