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Madame Defarge meets Harvey, Matt, Charlie and the rest of the Man-O-Centric Progressive Elite

There is a nifty little essay over at Bookworm Room about The Sexual Reign of Terror which has been chug, chug, chugging along for the last few months and claiming progressive scalps over conservative locks by a massively disproportionate margin.

A snippet to whet the whistle:

As Third Wave feminists would have it, sex is no longer sinful and dirty in the Augustinian sense. Instead, it’s much worse: all heterosexual sex is presumed to be rape unless the woman does not complain.

Even as men are no longer expected to act with chivalry towards women, since the rise of Obama, they are expected to abide by rules more strict than any Victorian era law in that they allow women to claim rape at any time during or after consensual sex. Men are presumed guilty and may or (preferably for radical feminists) may not be given any chance to prove their innocence. In the Third Wave world, though, women are free to be promiscuous without consequence and should exercise complete power in the world of sex.

It is poetic that today’s justifiable “reign of terror” against un-chivalric men who have sexually harassed or abused women should begin with the iconic progressive, Harvey Weinstein, in the iconic home of progressivism, Hollywood, and with Hollywood’s infamous tool of sexual abuse, the “casting couch.” Conservative men who still believe in chivalry and in treating all women (including, and especially, those whom we would like to bed) with respect, must applaud and support this. Their support, however, comes with an important caveat: We must not automatically presume guilt based on accusations nor on the subjective feelings of a woman (or man) who engaged in consensual sex.

Looking at today’s headlines (and predicting tomorrow’s) it is completely predictable that the vast majority of men being tied to the stake for burning are Progressive men, from Clinton to Weinstein to Charlie Rose, Kevin Spacey and others. For the past six decades, these men have lived in a world of their own making, one with no moral or ethical limits on their sexual desires, nor any expectation that they act with chivalry. Thus anything short of actual rape has been within their acceptable limits and, so long as they espoused progressive ideals, their fellow Progressives were content to give them a perpetual pass. There are no better examples than the three most powerful sexual predators, Harvey Weinstein, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

If you wanna read the whole post (well worth it) and missed the link at the top here it is again.

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