Kamala Harris’ Profile Being Raised Among Democrats

I have argued on and off for several months with both my co-bloggers and other commenters that I expect Kamala Harris to be the Democrat nominee in 2020 (unless Michelle Obama decides to run).

I believe, and have believed for some time, that the Democrats are clearing the decks for a Harris run by purging Clinton allies and supporters from the party. The sexual harassment scandals, when they touch Democrats, almost always seem to touch major Clinton allies. Harvey Weinstein was a big Hillary donor. Hillary personally defended Al Franken. Glenn Thrush had a close relationship with John Podesta.

More recently, we have seen attacks from the left on Elizabeth Warren, everyone’s favorite fake Indian, picking up.

I think there is good reason to believe there is a civil war in the Democrats going on between the Clintonites and someone else, presumably the antifa/SJW/Obama wing of the party, and the Clintons are losing. Both Clinton and Warren are major contenders for 2020, and if Clinton wins the civil war, the Democrats are guaranteed another general election lloss. Warren has many of the same weaknesses Clinton had and is likely to meet the same fate.

Drudge seems to be noticing this too. On Saturday, there were a row of headlines on the page juxtaposing the rise of Kamala Harris and the fall of Warren. Here’s one of the tongue-bathing articles the media has been spewing out on Harris. Try not to gag:

PredictIt, a website that allows election junkies to place real money behind their political prognostications, has been asking thousands of its traders who they think will be the party’s next White House standard-bearer. Harris, just entering her 12th month as a senator, has remained among the top three candidates since the market opened Aug. 30.

It’s the 53-year-old Harris who has rocketed up the chain of fresh possibilities this year, as she’s been feted by elite donors, fawned over by the Democratic establishment and elevated by a smitten national press corps.

As the cultural and ideological antidote to the current president, her ascension was almost inevitable. But it’s also been in motion for years.

Ever since she stepped into the public arena, Harris has been bathed in great expectations. When he was president of NBC Universal, CNN’s Jeff Zucker broke his policy of supporting candidates and introduced her to New York power players as “important for the entire country.”

Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa predicted in August that “she’s going to be knocking on doors in Iowa.” In defending her against liberal critics in September, Hillary Clinton singled Harris out as one of her “favorite Democrats.” Later that month, Gwainevere Catchings Hess, president of The Black Women’s Agenda, introduced Harris at a luncheon as “the unsilenced, the uncensored, the unstoppable.”

She is later described by the piece as a “female Obama” and half the article is talking about how she is exactly like him.

What’s going on in the Democrats is less and less subtle. I am convinced we will face Harris in 2020.


Written by Doomberg

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