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“If you take a shot at the King…”

Well, it was a rough night for sure. We were all ready to bring in another victory with Moore being an “eff you” to McConnell and the GOP-e. But, they reared their ugly head and reminded us again how deep and powerful the swamp is and delivered a very strong sucker punch to our collective gut.  No need to go into the obvious, but screw it, lets go there. GOP-e  fought for the Uniparty side and pulled another Cochran on us. Just like they did in 2010 in Nevada with them supporting Reid over Sharron Angle(called her unfit and mentally unstable too); Cuccinelli in the Virginia Governor race, allowing MCauliffe to win and register 60,000 felons to swing Virginia to Hillary; Christine O’Donnell being shoved aside, Thad Cochran shenanigans, and now pulling Jones over the line against Moore.  “We”(our side) knew it was going to happen, and did happen, but what did we do to mitigate it in Alabama? What did the good people in Alabama do to offset this? Apparently, they didn’t make sure to drag Republican voters kicking and screaming to the polls, which is what was needed to overcome the treachery, and they won. I am not seeing any good attempts to get the vote out for our side.  Maybe they did and I didn’t see it.  But I’m still totally on the Trump train and if someone has doubts about him and think he is caving, you may not want to read any further.

But let’s go to the Way-Back machine and take a look how we got here.  Strange was given the seat to replace Sessions, and by all accounts, he voted for what Trump wanted, with the one exception of not objecting the McConnell keeping the Senate in session, preventing Trump from making recess appointments. But in all fairness, none of the other Senators objected either, so this cannot squarely laid on Strange’s lap. When the time came for the Primary, Trump backed the guy who voted for his agenda. For loyalty or not who knows right now, but Trump backed a guy who backed him.  Trump asked voters to send Strange back to the Senate because he was, at least for the first year, a solid Trump vote. The problem for Strange was that he was liked by McConnell. Trump again asked voters to keep Strange, as Moore would “probably lose” the election.  Now, Trump has had a good track record of saying something that people would quickly dismiss as out-of-hand madness or stupid, but in the near future was proven right. This happened over and over and we cheered it. Here, he was telling us the same thing, yet “we”  didn’t want to hear because we were so pissed at McConnell.  “We” knew what we wanted, which apparently wasn’t what Trump wanted.   When the time came, people spit at McConnell and took a chance with Moore, a spitfire, bible-thumping hard-nosed guy.

Then the full weight of the Uniparty came at Moore when the allegations were leveled. The accusation was what was important, not if they were factual or not, which were proven to be false, with some doubt about him dating a 17 or 18 year old. No rape, but maybe a date with a younger gal. Hannity The Cuck had Moore on and Moore botched it, and Hannity offered no help, actually giving Moore some rope to hang himself. Damage was done right there, and it just snowballed from there. The Dems went all-out as usual with the help of the GOP. A vicious street fight ensued. From what I saw, or didn’t see, Moore wasn’t aggressively campaigning in Alabama. Maybe he didn’t have the money to, maybe he thought he could ride it out as Alabama would vote for the Republican, not the supporter of killing babies. Regardless, after some late backing from Trump, he lost. In a state that was +28 for Trump two years ago.

The prescience of Trump  here cannot be denied, as much as you may not agree with him. He asked voters to vote for Strange. The voters did not listen to him. We knew better, right?  We had to punish McConnell. And now, we have a new Senator who is totally openly opposed to everything we want. We took a shot, and we lost. Bigly. Instead of keeping the seat, and thumb our nose at McConnell, we lost it and he’s thumbing his nose at us instead.

So right now, I think we are at a détente .  Shots were fired by both sides, and now McConnell waits to see what we are going to do.  Like WWI tactics, we did a bayonet charge across an open field with a deeply entrenched, and well armed and supplied enemy, and we got mowed down. Openly charging(meaning going after ALL of them) exposed us, and we paid a price for it.  We had some pending victories with Flake not seeking office again, as well as Corker, and McCain has a date with death soon. We had things going for us. We had some victories lined up. But we wanted more, and went after it. And got mowed down. We got greedy, and for the moment, we got nothing. Now, it would not surprise me if Ward starts kissing McConnells ring so she can take the seat that is being vacated like a bowel movement. She now sees to what lengths the GOP will go if they don’t like you. I don’t think she has the internal fortitude, nor gravitas, to withstand it so I think she will slowly bend to the GOP way. It will also empower Flake to do a write-in to damage her or any candidate the GOP doesn’t really want.  McCains seat will be chosen and we will have absolutely no say in the matter. If someone has the answer to overcome this, please share it with all.

Right now, I don’t think McConnell is willing to give up his power as majority leader. If he loses it, he is back to being nothing and probably would be stripped of his position.  I don’t think he is ready to take the scorched earth route yet, but I have no doubt he will if pushed too far.  So, we are back to battling the same age-old problem: if we vote republicans out, and they are replaced by democrats, we will get the shaft bigly. If we vote to keep the same republicans in, we get the same treatment they are currently dishing out and it goes on and on. 3rd party ensures more democrats taking congress.

Or, we can just say screw it and let the world burn thinking we are going there anyway so lets just get it over with.

Or, we can come to some sort of truce with the enemy. Work to get 60-70% of what we want, as St Reagan said he would be very good with.

I honestly do not think it is reasonable to get everything we want right now. Get it all accomplished in under a year. It took decades for the Uniparty to get to where they are right now and it will take longer than a year to tear it down sufficiently. I just don’t see the logic in expecting to get it all right now. I don’t see the logic is voting out every congressman each year, when we know we can’t get them all at once.

So once again, Trump said Moore probably would not win. We were absolutely sure Moore would win. Trump was right. Again.  Trump said something “outrageous” like he has done in the past, and we ignored him.  If he comes to Utah and says to send Hatch back to the Senate, I will vote for Hatch. I support Trump, and if he wants me to vote for Hatch, I will. I’ve given him 4 years to produce. Not one year. Not 6 months, not two years. Four.   If he requests a certain tool(fool??) that he feels he needs, I’m going to be for it.

Yea, I know I’m a kool-aid drinker, and proud of it. I’m in for 4 years come hell or high water, when good things happen or bad, for better or for worse.  If it all goes to hell in 4 years, I know in my mind I gave it an honest effort.  Your mileage may vary and probably will.


“When you take a shot at the king, you better not miss.”


We missed.


Now, we regroup. 



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