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Garrison Keillor achieves Official Non-Person status as MPR purges it’s archives

The guy who made a purty good livin’ offa making weekly wise-cracks about a town that doesn’t exist is now himself a imaginary figure, at least as far as MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) is concerned.

Public radio’s primary money-tree shaker for thirty-some odd years has been jammed down The Memory Hole and is now an Official Non-Person.

Garrison Keillor has been disappeared into the Memory Hole. If you look for his biography or the archived shows from a half century of “A Prairie Home Companion” on the website of Minnesota Public Radio since his fall from grace, you’ll now find only this: “Sorry, but there’s no page here.”

Keillor and his entire body of work from “A Prairie Home Companion” and “Writer’s Almanac” have been effectively erased from the archives of MPR, along with the work of all the other storytellers, singers, poets and production staff who made the shows successful.

Uncle Joe Stalin would be proud of how rapidly and efficiently Gary’s ol’ sour-puss has been wiped from The Collective Memory:

The MPR panic is what you would expect from a Stalinist regime dealing with figures who have fallen out of ideological failure. Unless MPR has evidence that Keillor was some kind of unspeakable monster, this response has been hysterical and unjust — unjust not just to those who worked on the show, including Keillor, but unjust to the show’s fans, and future fans.

MPR has given no details of its decision to unperson Keillor, other than it believes him guilty of sexual harassment. Keillor told his side of the story, to some extent, and if he’s right, there’s no way this is a proper response by MPR. Then again, he might be self-servingly manipulating the truth. We don’t know yet, and may never know.

Unlike previous non-persons in The Lands of Communist Utopia, ol’ Gary gets to keep viewing The Daisies from the daylight side.

Progress for The Progressives, that’s fer sure…

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