Evidence of the NFL’s Decline Continues to Mount

I’m sure you’ve heard me complain many times about how both the media and the NFL are either in a state of denial about the player protests that have devastated the NFL, or just outright lying to save themselves public embarrassment. The official party line is that the NFL is doing great and that the dip in viewership is just caused by “bad play” or “too many commercials” despite these issues having been present in the NFL for years.

Evidence continues to mount that the player protests are harming the league, causing its viewership to crash and its seats to empty out. NWC noted several days ago that Sunday Night Football is now down 30% in the ratings compared to last year. Breitbart also noted that Thursday night ratings were also way down.

But it’s not just the NFL that’s being affected. Businesses which depend on the NFL and pro sports are also being hammered:

A slump in chicken wing prices has Sanderson Farms, one of the nation’s biggest poultry producers, wondering aloud if the player-protest controversy in the National Football League might be to blame.

“The only thing puzzling me right now is wings,” Joe F. Sanderson Jr., chief executive officer of the namesake company, said Thursday on a conference call to discuss earnings.

“It’s just been reported to us that some of our customers think that their traffic is down because of the demonstrations by some of the NFL players,” he said in a telephone interview after the call.

Sanderson shares fell 13% to $145.85 Thursday in New York, the worst slump since August 2004. The company posted lower-than-expected earnings per share in the fourth quarter as chicken prices weakened from rising production and hurricane-related disruptions. Rival processor Pilgrim’s Pride dropped as much as 8.1%, the most in almost 13 months, while Tyson Foods (TSN, +0.72%) fell 2.5%.

The Fortune article tries to contest Sanderson’s comments by saying that there were “Other contributing factors.”

Zero Hedge adds a little flavor, however, that makes it very clear the NFL protests are the direct and only cause of the price fall:

That said, what doesn’t seem to be all that ambiguous, and probably should lend some credence to the original claims from Papa John’s, is the startling collapse in chicken wings prices that coincided perfectly with Trump’s first NFL protest tweets back in September.  According to the Bloomberg data below, wing prices started dropping almost immediately after Trump’s first tweets and have fallen a staggering 30% since.

SJWs and the media (but I repeat myself) relentlessly hammered Papa John’s in the days after the owner complained about the NFL protests hurting his sales. They spewed out conspiracy theories about how Jerry Jones had gotten him to do it, and called him a “Nazi” and saying the “real” reason sales fell was because “Papa John’s pizza is awful and its customers finally realized that.”

You’re not going to be hearing anything from the SJWs about Sanderson’s comments, however, precisely because of the data that was outlined by Zero Hedge above. It can’t be disputed the NFL implosion is hurting chicken wing prices, which is in turn hurting wing-selling businesses. This is why the left will just be relatively quiet and hope no one notices this news.

NFL fans should not feel powerless. The boycott is hurting the NFL badly, despite the phony shows of nonchalance by the SJWs and political fanatics who have hijacked the organization. If fans keep up the boycott for another year, then the NFL will have some very tough decisions to make as its revenues start to fall.


Written by Doomberg

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