Donald Trump: Unsung Feminist Hero

Imagine for a brief moment (if you can) that Hillary Clinton had won the election.

Go ahead, wretch and gag at the thought.  I’ll wait.

OK then, now that that’s outta the way let’s try it again, but a little differently this time.

Imagine for a brief moment that Hillary Clinton had won the election and you are an intern for Charlie Rose over at PBS catching the Moonlight Shower show.

Or a budding starlet seeking a break into The Pictures in Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood.

Or a Tough Grrrl! TODAY show hireling summoned to Matt Lauer’s Strap-On Tools lair over at NBC.

Or a lowly go-fer called to Louis CK’s  hotel room while he “preps” for his second solo gig later that night.

Or, well, you catch my drift, don’t ya.

Because if Madame Hillary was ensconced as the White House’s Current Occupant you can bet the farm, the kids and the family dog that Progressive Perv Heaven would be the same as it ever was and there would be no such hashtag as #MeToo.

Well, fortunately We Are Here and Not There thanks to the world’s most unlikely and unsung feminist ally: Donald John Trump.

Because Hillary World would be a continuation of Billary World –  a world where powerful Progressives feel entitled  (and enabled) to drop trow with whom ever they want when whenever they want because I’m With Her!

The Lord sure do work in mysterious ways…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

Bruno Strozek is the author of occasionally semi-coherent piffle and has been a Writer/Editor at Sparta Report since July 2016.

Strozek, along with his alter-egos the decadent, drug-addled Sixties refugee Uncle Bruno and his intolerably feminist SJW Cousin Brunoetta have been riding the not-yet crested wave of deplorability with posts covering politics, sports, entertainment and zombies.

Aptly described as both "hilarious and deeply disturbed" Strozek has enthusiastically embraced the recommendation of the late Raoul Duke that "when the going gets weird the weird turn pro."

Although he has fallen far short of his bucket-list goal of writing for such respectable rags as The National Enquirer and The Weekly World News Strozek is grateful for the opportunity to pen his unhinged screeds at Sparta Report and is constantly amazed and delighted at the reception his pieces receive in the cements.

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