DOJ Steps Into Cliven Bundy Case After Mistrial

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Some analysts seem to think this means Sessions is going to kill the case and get it off the books, something which should have been done months ago:

“The Attorney General takes this issue very seriously and has personally directed that an expert in the Department’s discovery obligations be deployed to examine the case and advise as to the next steps,” said Ian D. Prior, principal deputy director of public affairs, in a late Wednesday statement.

The decision to intervene came after U.S. District Chief Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial over the government’s “willful failure to disclose information” to the defense, saying it would have been “impossible” for the four co-defendants to receive a fair trial.

“Failure to turn over such evidence violates due process,” Chief Judge Navarro said in the courtroom as reported by the Arizona Republic. “A fair trial at Bundythis point is impossible.”

Judge Navarro said the prosecutors had willfully failed to disclose key evidence in the case, including FBI records about surveillance and government snipers at the Bundy ranch; activity logs, law-enforcement threat assessments showing the Bundy family posed no threat of violence, and internal reports about BLM agent misconduct.

On the other hand, he said, “this could foreshadow a way out for the prosecution.”

“In other words, the DOJ expert could come in, review the necessary disclosures, and conclude that the government can’t win if it turns everything over,” Mr. Bartrum said. “That would give the US Attorney cover to dismiss the case.”

The government lost its star witness earlier this year when Daniel Love, the BLM agent in charge of the Bundy operation, was fired after a federal investigation found that he misappropriated rare minerals and then told a subordinate to conceal the misconduct.


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