Report: Democrat Scumbag John Conyers May Resign UPDATE: Resigns

Embattled sexual harasser and prominent Democrat representative John Conyers has faced numerous, bipartisan calls to step down over the last week. So far Conyers has remained defiant and vowed to remain in Congress, although he has said he will not seek re-election. Today, however, the Washington Times is reporting that John Conyers may be ready to step aside:

Rep. John Conyers plans to announce Tuesday that he will step down from his House seat after multiple claims of sexual harassment, The New York Times reported.

The congressman’s nephew, Ian Conyers, told the newspaper that his great uncle, a Michigan Democrat, will make a formal announcement later on Tuesday. The younger Mr. Conyers has previously said he would make a run for his great uncle’s seat should he plan to step down.

The 88-year-old was recently hospitalized for a stress-related incident.


You might recall that prominent Democrats initially defended John Conyers. Nancy Pelosi last week went on “Meet The Press” and praised Conyers, calling him an icon in the House. Pelosi also argued that the allegations against Conyers needed to be investigated, and argued that he deserved due process. Of course in that same interview Pelosi called Republican senate candidate Judge Roy Moore a child molester. No double standard there, I’m sure.

Conyers’ resignation would come at a difficult time for Democrats. The #MeToo sexual assault hysteria obviously ginned up to be a weapon against Republicans has backfired. Each day more prominent Democrats and liberals are accused of sexually assaulting or harassing subordinates, co-workers, and random passersby.

Normally the Democrats would solve this problem by paying off/smearing victims and sweeping things under the rug. Unfortunately that hasn’t worked. The public-and leftists in particular-have begun demanding accountability from liberal perverts.

The days of raping a woman, jetting off to a foreign country or the desert for “sex addiction” treatment, and then dancing in front of the cameras for a quick apology are gone.

John Conyers’ resignation would go a long way to solving at least one Democrat headache. Now they just have to figure out how to deal with Al Frankenstein.

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