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Deep State Dina Powell is Out of the White House, the Left (State Department) Cries About it

Dina Powell is finally leaving the White House. Her departure leaves a power vacuum open for more Trump friendly individuals to assume her role. Vanity Fair documents the worry among the deep state that there are no “competent” people left in the White House (read: people who agree with Barack Obama’s/Valerie Jarrett’s foreign policy).

“Everyone saw Dina as the ray of hope,” one current State Department staffer told me on Friday afternoon, hours after The Washington Post announced her departure from the Trump White House, replete with glowing quotes from Jared Kushner and her boss, national security adviser H.R. McMaster. Indeed, Powell has regularly been perceived as a font of normalcy and competence during her year in the administration.

And now the Deep State’s ray of hope is leaving the administration!

The State Department “anonymous” Democrat “sources” believe the Trump administration was attempting to circumvent and diminish her position without actually forcing her out of the administration.

“On a good day, the deputy national security adviser position is an unenviable job to have. There are no good days that I have seen in this administration,” Bruen said. “I am guessing that she is worn out and is ready to get back to a job where her time and effort can be more productive.”

“She just saw that her role was either diminishing or was going to change fundamentally over the next period of time,” the State staffer said, suggesting that the timing of Powell’s exit was strategically timed despite the White House line that it was all according to plan. “I am not shocked because everyone thought—is she mortgaging her reputation? It is foreboding.”

It is foreboding! She has had it! Abandon ship!

Or maybe this is more of that house cleaning of the rats that Trump was intimating that he was doing last night during the rally? Interesting that he would mention that the day of the Deep State favorite Dina Powell leaving…

By the way, did I mention that the Deep State is crying about this?

Next up, the media maintains that Rex “the Butcher of the State Department” Tillerson is leaving at some point… based on anonymous Democrat sources at the State Department. We just don’t know when, but it is happening sometime in the future… maybe, like the final book of the George R.R. Martin Series “Game of Thrones”.

In the meantime, Vanity Fair discusses possible replacements for the soon to be open position at the State Department… or maybe not so soon:

Instead, the likely Cabinet shake-up is now expected to elevate two men: as I reported last week, Mike Pompeo—a favored adviser of Trump—is expected to take over the State Department within weeks, with either Senator Tom Cotton or Retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward stepping in to run the C.I.A. (Haley is expected to remain in New York at the United Nations.) Without opportunities for advancement, leaving the Trump administration with her reputation intact likely outweighed sticking around the West Wing at a time when special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe has begun closing in on the president and his inner circle. “At some point people will stop giving you the benefit of the doubt,” the State Department staffer said. “Meaning, that whatever stain there is from decisions either at the N.S.C. or the White House, no longer can you be like, ‘well there is them, and there is Dina.’” Ultimately, this person reasoned, the rising odds of getting sucked into one of Trump’s scandals made an exit inevitable. “I think that that probably also weighed into her calculations. Like, she could get out relatively unscathed without the baggage of being part of the problem.”


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