Sparta Report

Carrie Mathison, RIP

And another one bites the dust.

Cause of Death: Trump Derangement Syndrome.

There’s sure been a lotta that going around for the past 13 months.

Anyway, Homeland‘s been ruined beyond any hope of resuscitation.

I mean, watched the whole fetid mess last year; I even did weekly reviews which morphed into to snarkfests and finally the series just collapsed in a steaming dungheep of SJW/PC lunacy.

(If you are so inclined to read those pathetic missives just use the searchbox keyword “Homeland” and you will be magically transported to the Sparta Report archives.  Not a recommendation, not even a suggestion.  Consider it a distress call or warning beacon of sorts. Kinda like in Alien.)

Here’s the deal, if you can stomach it:

If you’re looking to figure out what Homeland might be trying to say about our current administration … well, it’s trickier than it looks. The show banked on Hillary Clinton winning in 2016 while making season 6, then recalibrated a bit midway through after Donald Trump won. Keene was originally presented as a liberal and sympathetic figure until the season’s climactic assassination attempt, after which she went on an authoritarian warpath, which is where this alternate D.C. universe finds itself now.

Wrong in so many ways.

Honest to God, these Hollywood people have self-awareness IQ’s in the negative numbers.

Bye, Carrie.

Enjoy that lithium haze.

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