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BREAKING: John McCain Going Home to Arizona, Will Not Be Around For Tax Vote

Republican Senator John McCain has spent several days in a hospital in Maryland after receiving chemotherapy treatment for glioblastoma, a deadly brain cancer. He had been attempting to recover from the side effects of the chemotherapy while staying at the facility.

Now, CBS News learned that Senator John McCain will be returning to his home in Arizona to be with his family for the holidays. It was just announced that the increasingly frail senator is not going to be available for the final vote for the Republican tax reform bill after it is brought to the Senate floor. The bill is expected to be presented early this week.

CBS stated that it was unclear when McCain would be back in Washington. The cancer that afflicts the senator may be farther along than otherwise publicly announced and this could be the last time McCain is in Washington D.C.

McCain was an early supporter of the tax reform effort and his vote would have padded the margin of the party line vote that will take place in the Senate. Thanks to the last minute additions by the conference committee, Marco Rubio and several other senators announced that they intend to vote for the final conference bill when it arrives in the Senate. This was a turnaround of fortune for President Trump, as earlier versions of the bill did not receive support from these senators.

GOP leaders aim to hold floor votes this week, with the House expected to take up the measure first on Tuesday.

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