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BREAKING: Islamist suicide plot to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May foiled

Skynews is reporting that an Islamist suicide plot to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May foiled.

I kind of remember something about Prime Minster May and President Trump.


Oh, yeah. Five days ago (about a century ago in Trump News and Outrage days), he retweeted some anti-Mustim videos from a group called Britain First.

As CNN reported (Oh, what the hell, I need to cite someone!)

A spokesperson for UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Trump was “wrong” to share the videos, adding that “Britain First seeks to divide communities through their use of hateful narratives which peddle lies and stoke tensions.”

To which President Trump tweeted:

Once again, President Trump focused the entire world on that issue with a single tweet. It will be interesting to see if he loads up the tweet canon tonight with a “see what I mean, Theresa?” tweet.

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