Politico is reporting that Paul Ryan is preparing to retire after the 2018 elections. From an article titled “Paul Ryan Sees His Wild Washington Journey Coming to An End”….

Either way, the convergence of these realizations—Ryan wanting to retire after 2018, and a possible threat to his speakership even sooner—has sparked a flurry of activity in the offices of Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise, the two most likely successors to Ryan. Both believed Ryan would leave late next year and were therefore planning their next steps at an appropriately deliberate pace. This has abruptly changed: According to multiple GOP sources, both McCarthy and Scalise have taken recent meetings with members loyal to them who have been eager to strategize about life after Ryan. There is little chance Scalise runs against McCarthy, but the whip—knowing McCarthy lacked the votes to become speaker in 2015, prompting Ryan to accept the job—is taking careful stock of the conference, preparing to launch his own candidacy should McCarthy stumble a second time.

Fox is reporting that Ryan gave the RNC $1.8 million for retaining the speakership through 2018. And his campaign is saying that he is going to run in 2018. But this does not mean the report is wrong.

Ryan could run in 2018 and be reelected. Then, he could officially retire in 2019 or 2020.

We will just have to see where this goes from here.


UPDATE: Ryan has just denied that he is retiring “soon”. From

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) says he’s not quitting Congress anytime soon.

Asked at the end of his weekly press conference whether he was leaving Congress “soon,” Ryan chuckled and replied as he walked off the stage: “I’m not, no.”

The key word in the denial is soon. Under the scenario presented above, after winning election in 2018, he could chose not to run in 2020 and the Politico reporting would remain accurate.


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