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BREAKING: Colorado Shooting Update

This morning one officer was killed and three where wounded during a call in Highlands Ranch, Colorado just south of Denver.

Here are my notes from the press conference that just concluded by Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock:

Contrary to what you may have seen on Twitter, this was not a “domestic disturbance.” There were two men in the apartment who appear to just be roommates. The roommate is cooperating with police.

About 1:30 in the morning, Douglas Country Sheriffs responded to a noise complaint at the apartment complex. When they arrived, all was quiet and calm so they left.

They received another noise complaint about 5:30 AM and returned to the apartment. Four officers arrived and were let into the apartment (by whom is not known but likely the roommate.) The officers were having a discussion with the suspect who had barricaded himself in a bedroom.

The officers entered the bedroom and all four were shot. Sheriff Tony Spurlock suggested it was an “ambush attack.” Three of the officers were able to get out of the bedroom but Deputy Zackari Parrish was killed instantly.

The officers were all wearing bodycams but this footage has not been reviewed.

All of the officers were wearing protective vests.

All the Sheriff would say was that the weapon the suspect used was “a rifle” and that the suspect fired over 100 rounds at officers before he was killed by SWAT.

The Sheriff has not released the name of the suspect but said “he was known to law enforcement” but “did not have an arrest record” in Colorado.

President Trump tweeted:



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