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BREAKING: Another Accuser Surfaces Against Moore As Megyn Kelly is Set to Interview Three Trump Accusers

Another accuser against Roy Moore steps forward tonight a day before the special election in Alabama. This time it comes from a twenty year old sports reporter named Molly Catherine Walsh who shared a post from another Alabama journalist named Drew Taylor, who is with the Tuscaloosa News. The article he posted was stating that most Republican leaders in Alabama say they will be voting for Roy Moore in the upcoming election on Tuesday, December 12th:

In the tweet she posted in response, she stated that during an interview a few months ago, Roy Moore allegedly grabbed her hand and pulled her in to tell her she was “a pretty little thing”:

I met Roy Moore a few months ago for an interview, he grabbed my hand & pulled me in & said “aren’t you a pretty little thing” – I was 20.

— Molly Catherine (@mollycathwalsh) December 10, 2017

That’s it.

She has now turned her accounts private, no doubt expecting to get some sort of negative reaction after piping up a day before an election after weeks worth of allegations coming out about Republican Roy Moore.

Molly Catherine Walsh Roy Moore Accuser Twitter Account Private

Salem Media Gets in on the Action Through Twitchy

And of course, one of the employees of Salem Media’s Twitchy (who are also in control of HotAir and Townhall) decides to post the response of the Democrat Front Group, the Reagan Battalion, as part of their “showcasing” of twitter responses to the original tweet.

It used to be that Twitchy was hip and cool… and conservative. It has joined as yet another property of Michelle Malkin’s that has fallen to become support organizations for Democrats and their ideas.

The commenters there do not seem to be buying the party line. Perhaps a comment section change will be in order soon?


Megyn Kelly Revs Up the Attack Trump Over Sexual Assault Bus

We at Sparta Report have been discussing behind the scenes that the Democrats are planning on attempting to redirect the #MeToo witch trial hysteria back onto the Republicans. Specifically they will be redirecting it back onto President Donald Trump, with a rehash of the Pussygate and sexual assault fiascoes the Democrats sloppily attempted to torpedo his campaign with over a year ago in October of 2016.

Megyn Kelly is all too happy to oblige, she will be bringing on several Trump accusers who will be there to switch the narrative from Hollywood and Democrat gropers, rapists, sexual assaulters and back onto the President.

Tomorrow, after Megyn Kelly is finished with her interview, the three women will hold a press conference to continue the barrage against President Trump.

There are no signs yet that Democrat activist lawyer, Gloria Allred, will take part in the press conference. She may very well be attempting to remain outside of the spotlight for a while after her accuser against Roy Moore admitted to fabricating part of the writing on the yearbook. As yet, there is still no outside and independent verification that has been allowed for the writing in the yearbook.

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