Alabama Senate Race – Republican Roy Moore vs Democrat Doug Jones Results UPDATE: Roy Moore Does Not Concede

Alabama Heads to the Polls as the Polling Companies Release Contradictory Results

There have been a lot of silly developments in the ongoing media war against Roy Moore over the past week to try to shake the momentum Roy Moore was gaining going into the vote this evening. Sparta Report highlighted this morning the most recent drama coming out in the Alabama Senate race. The court drama followed an even more farcical story, which introduced the accounts of a new fame seeking Roy Moore accuser, who stated that he touched her hand and called her pretty… which is now sexual assault.

Not to be outdone, Megyn Kelly sought to give the Democrats an additional #MeToo assist by bringing on three of the women the Democrats used to pile sexual harassment allegations against President Trump last October.

These new developments came on the heels of a Fox News poll that showed a massive ten point lead for Doug in the special election today. This runs counter to every other poll that collected data over or close to the same time period.

Every polling company, except for Fox News, is showing momentum returning to Roy Moore over the last week, with Gravis, Emerson, JMC, etc. all showing increasing leads for Moore.

Even at the start of this race, Fox News was one of the only organizations to release a poll showing a tied race between Roy Moore and Doug Jones. This was in stark contrast to the results obtained by nearly every other organization, many of which have better track records than the outfits used by Fox News.

The election is now showing many similarities to the election held in November of 2016, the establishment politicians allying themselves with the Democrats, the media is “all-in” for Doug Jones, the cuck right is virtue signaling as hard as they possibly can so the Democrats will continue to be “nice” to them, and the Democrats themselves are working themselves up into a frenzy.

Two consequential findings from the NBC exit polls:

Donald Trump has a 48-48% approval rating in the State of Alabama.

54% said the allegations against Roy Moore weren’t important, only 40% said they were important.

Remember, these are very early and could be way off from the way the voters in Alabama have actually voted, due to the charged nature of the race. The numbers aren’t looking good for Democrats at the moment, while they have higher levels in the black belt running through the middle of Alabama, they are getting swamped by a huge turnout in the rural areas and the more Republican friendly southern half of the state.

The exit polls will be adjusted as the numbers come in, at the moment these are just psy-ops to keep people in the lines so they don’t go home.


These are the counties where Doug Jones is going to do well with, if he starts doing well with anything else (besides Jefferson county where Birmingham is) outside these areas significantly, we’ll be in for a long night:

Alabama Black Belt

Polls close at 8 PM EST (7 PM CST).


Lauren Walsh on Twitter

Just spoke with Moore campaign, which confirmed reporters from the Washington Post were asked to leave the election night party. The campaign said the WaPo was notified yesterday their credentials were denied. #AlSen



8:05 PM EST: Less than 1% in and Doug Jones leads by 74-25%.

8:12 PM EST: 1% with 56-43% Doug Jones lead.

8:24 PM EST: 1% 58-40% Doug Jones Lead.

This is the map from the 2012 election, with county results, between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Bob Vance:

Roy Moore 2012 Election Results by County

8:34 PM EST: 1% 63-36% Doug Jones Lead. 2206 Precincts left.

8:52 PM EST: 7% 53-45% Roy Moore Lead. 2056 Precincts left.

Roy Moore Doug Jones 2017 7% in

UPDATE 10:15 EST (Doomberg)

Folks, I have been given the unfortunate duty of calling the race for Doug Jones. Sparta Report projects a 1%-2% Doug Jones victory.

NWC has been watching the race county by county and we just don’t see how Moore pulls this off. He’s not where he needs to be in key counties, particularly in Mobile, Jefferson, and Montgomery.

Pack it in, folks. We’ll try to pick up the pieces in the morning.

UPDATE: Judge Moore Does Not Concede (Radius)

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and Roy Moore hasn’t heard Rosie O’Donnell belt out Amazing Grace yet:

Roy Moore has frequently said, in social media posts, that he will never give up the fight.

And after he lost the Alabama Senate election on Tuesday to Democrat Doug Jones, Moore is sticking with that mantra — refusing to concede the race to Jones.

He waited more than a hour after the race was called to address supporters in downtown Montgomery late Tuesday night, then told them to wait some more.

“Realize when vote is this close, it’s not over and we still have to go by the rules,” Moore told the crowd, which cheered when he appeared on stage.

Moore spoke for less than five minutes. He closed by vowing to resume the fight on Wednesday and urged his supporters to stand by his side.

“Let’s go home and sleep on it and we’ll take it up tomorrow,” Moore said before exiting the stage.


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