Adam Schiff is Scared That the Trump-Russia Investigation is About to be Shut Down

Adam Schiff Mueller Investigation

Adam Schiff sees enemies everywhere closing in on him and his investigation of all things from the evil foreigners looking to defeat Hillary again in 2020. He issued a dire warning on Twitter yesterday:

Adam Schiff on Twitter

I’m increasingly worried Republicans will shut down the House Intelligence Committee investigation at the end of the month. Here’s why:

Nice trick Adam… now keep reading to delve into the conspiracies and the crazy that is Adam Schiff:

Adam… your investigation is not serious, nor has it ever been serious. Your investigation has revealed nothing of note and produced nothing but campaign donations for Democrats. He continues his tirade:

Republicans do not want to talk about Trump-Russia any longer because there is no Trump-Russia conspiracy. That is plainly evident in the zero evidence produced from the hundreds of people investigating President Donald Trump.

After all of this, the Republicans are right to schedule these meetings out of state. While they are discussing and voting on real issues, Schiff and company are welcome to interview them. If these issues are really that important, this should be a no brainer to choose to skip the tax bill votes and the other measures next week. But you will not because these show trials are not being done for the good of the country and Schiff and company will not have time to grandstand for the cameras.

The whining continues:

And now we go off into the crazy, tinfoil hat land where Nazi Steve Bannon is controlling Paul Ryan’s subpoena powers:


Adam Schiff cites the attacks on the FBI, Mueller, and the DOJ this week:

A light at the end of the tunnel approaches? Adam Schiff thinks so:


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