2017 Year in Review, Part Four

And now, it’s time to wrap up Mr Trump’s Wild Ride and bring it home. It’s been a crazy year for sure , and a lot of deplorablizing took place, but we are only beginning.  Lets finish off the madness, shall we?


October- An Arizona judge “accepts” the Pardon Trump gave Arpaio, leading to untold deaths and dismemberments.  The Dow Rally for 2017 was smokin’ hot with a guesstimate of 5.3 trillion dollars added. Profits were flowing like tears from a bevy of snowflakes after hearing Trump still ain’t impeached, but the Flying Monkeys of Mueller got Manafort indicted for a “process” crime, not any actually, you know, Russian collusion, which Mueller was supposed to be looking into. Not something that might have occurred years ago in a land far away. The Hurricane season was winding down finally after some nasty hits that were sure to doom Trump, being the cold, callous bastard that he is. But people in Texas and Florida were just fine with him and things went rather smoothly, unlike Puerto Rico and its corrupt mayor, who whined about no aid getting to her country while standing in front of pallets full of……aid.  But I digress.   Trump made his way to Lost Wages where the biggest mass shooting in History (not counting Wounded Knee) was being totally ignored by the media and the LVMPD Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrane.


Trump met with survivors of the shooting that apparently never happened by someone who never existed.  Spartans, in celebrating the approaching one year anniversary of the Trump winning, began to share again the videos of snowflakes crying over and over at their loss. All of this madness was only leading to more madness as October Surprises turned into…


November- The Dow hit a new, unimaginable, unheard of high at 24,000 dead immigrants in the streets of Phoenix, which Chicagoans call a “normal murder weekend.”  Pundits were foaming at the mouth because the market should have crashed long ago and they just couldn’t figure out what was going on. The Bull was running amok and stomping all over the girl standing up to it.  Revised GDP was well over 3 and likely approaching 3.5 for the previous quarter and they had no idea why.  Zinke was “drilling the shit” out of the Northern Hemisphere.  Meanwhile the massive Antifa day of Rage went by with burning cities everywhere across America. Blood sacrifices were seen all along the Potomac. Wait a minute. That didn’t happen. Matter of fact, nothing happened. Nothing at all. The checks didn’t clear.  Donna Brazile went at Hillary admitting to all what a rigged system it was and how horrible Hillary really was.


Hillary in return,  drank a couple fifths of Vodka and swore and sold books in a back room at a local library.  And in a truly mind-numbing ruling, the illegal alien killer of Kate Steinle was acquitted of his foul deed, just to take a swipe at Trump.


December was a fitting end to the Yea of the Trump.  Trump immediately attacked Fake News for printing another fake news story that even they had to retract and admit was wrong. 


Trump’s base was leaving in droves and his expected favorability rating had climbed to -356 and he had no support.  But Lo! What is that? A tax relief bill slithered through the swamp, McCain retreated to Arizona to die  see his kids wedding, missing the vote, and the bill actually passed!  Pelosi the Putrid quickly seized a microphone and announced another 400 million people will be out of work because of this bill. Schumer screamed everyone would be paying millions more in taxes and bring about more global warming/cooling/change/entropy.  Despite the experts predicting a warm winter across the Northeast, a bitter cold swept across the blue lands of the East, making records. Erie had a little bit of snow.  Polar Bears were seen wearing suits of sealskins because of the bitter cold.   Until businesses said they were giving $1000 bonuses to their employees and raising their wages because of the tax bill. Schumer could only mutter to himself as his lies were exposed again.  Kalifornia burned even more because General Santa Anna swept through trying to retake Mexi, er, California for Mexico.  SCOTUS upheld Trump’s travel ban and the 9th was silent for a moment, but did give themselves a pity ruling against it later, but delaying the effect of their own ruling it because they know they are wrong.  In Mormon-land, Trump announced the reduction of two very unpopular monuments made by Clinton and Obama. Bears Ears was reduced to just one ear, and the Grand Staircase was reduced to a regular staircase.  People in Utah cheered and cheered. Tree-hugging rock lickers in other states whined and bitched, and whined until their tears flooded some slot canyons and killed enviro-weenies hiking in them.  The Uranium 1 deal and the Piss Dossier was coming full circle showing that the FBI, DOJ, Obama and many others were simply corrupt. So much evidence was put out that even Sessions chose to ignore it.  Miss Lindsey even had to state it was deliberately bogus. And right at the end, there was an uprising against Mullah Obama in Iran.  Where this goes won’t be found out until next year.


There was much more crap hitting the fan this quarter, but the Gloater lost his notes and his wife has left him(yay!) for the time (seeing friends in Vegas) and I’m spending some quality time with the Girl Who Wasn’t Supposed To Be.  I hope this year was worth it to all and wish a Happy New Year to all in Spartaville.  As for 2018: “To the Pain!!”  




Treason or Sedition – Is either applicable with the Russia Collusion story?

Which Trump accomplishment did you like best in 2017?