You Reap What You Sow — Denver Rooftop Gardens

Denver citizens recently approved a citizen ballot initiative where the left is literally reaping what they have sown.

Now don’t laugh but beginning in 2018, all large buildings in Denver will be required to have rooftop gardens. ERMAGHERD! That is too funny in a really sad way!

A fellow named Brandon Riethemier, a manager at a Red Robin restaurant with way too much time on his hands, decided he “wanted to do something for the environment.” And what better way to do that than mandate that all large buildings have rooftop gardens, solar panels, or a combination of the two?

This gets even funnier because Denver mayor Michael Hanock — BIG D, had to come out against the measure because it was basically loonie.

While green roofs support many sustainability objectives, Initiative 300 is not the right approach for Denver, By taking a mandate-only approach and eliminating the opportunity for options, the initiative would actually hinder efforts to pilot, promote, phase and incentivize green infrastructure, as is being done in many of our peer cities across the United States.

Well, Mayor, sometimes you have to walk the talk and this is where your talk has gotten us — someone comes up with a loonie idea, gets enough other loons to put it on the ballot, and now you have to deal with it.


The initiative itself is poorly written so the good Mayor is trying to work out all the unintended consequences such as which buildings currently under development must meet the new mandate, how an exemption process might work, how to deal with historic properties, and so forth and so on. Existing buildings are exempt until they need a new roof but this will no doubt cause its own set of unintended consequences.

How much will this reduce Denver’s so-called “heat island effect,” how much will it cost the citizens, are there better ways to address what may or may not be a real problem? NO ONE HAS A CLUE but we got it anyway!

<SARC>It’s OK though because it’s for the good of the environment and we’ll all gladly pay for it. If nothing else, maybe you can go pick squash in the fall on your roof.</SARC>

The real danger here is that with 4,500 signatures out of the total population of 682,545, any wacko can get anything on the ballot and have a good chance of getting it passed. We’re in the real danger zone where liberal politicians have used a rather dangerous rhetoric for years to build their nut job base and they’re about to truly reap what they have sown both figuratively and literally.

In case you were wondering, this is Trump’s fault. I’m not making this up! The primary sponsor for the initiative is a 20 year old biology student at the University of Colorado Denver named Madison Backens —

I’m very passionate about climate change, and with our recent election, it’s time for our citizens to take the initiative and battle some of the climate changes we are experiencing because our government isn’t really supporting that right now.

The big question I have is whether we’ll all survive the “good intentions” of the loonie left?

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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