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I know what you’re thinking… Tony and John Podesta right? It makes sense, if you read the original Manafort indictment, reading into Company “A” and Company “B” in summary of the charges.

NBC News identified the two actual companies that were named in Manafort’s indictment as the Podesta Group and Mercury Public Affairs.

Already by Monday afternoon, NBC News had reported three sources confirmed to the outlet that Company A is Mercury Public Affairs and Company B is the Podesta Group.

Both firms have said the ECMU stated in writing “it was not aligned with any foreign political entity,” as the AP put it.

And therein lies the problem. The indictment makes allegations that would mean both Company A and Company B knew their work for the ECMU was ultimately being directed by the Ukrainian government. If Company A and Company B are the Podesta Group and Mercury, both of which did not file FARA disclosures, information in the indictment suggests there is evidence to prove the unnamed firms knowingly failed to register as foreign agents.

Paragraph 20 of the indictment, signed by special counsel Robert Mueller, says Gates wrote to Company A in February of 2012 that it would be “representing the Government of Ukraine in [Washington,] DC.” If Company A did not file a FARA disclosure, it likely violated the law.

The indictment, crucially, also claims Gates wrote to both firms in November of 2012 asking them to prepare assessments of their “past and prospective lobbying efforts so the ‘President’ could be briefed by ‘Paul'” on how Ukraine could improve in 2013. Thus, that evidence would also dispute attempt by Company B to argue it was unaware its work was ultimately, if indirectly, on behalf of the Ukrainian government.

Paragraph 23 alleges both companies signed contracts with the ECMU despite never meeting them, and says the companies were not paid for their work by the Centre but through offshore accounts.

Amid media reports on then-Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s ties to Ukraine, the indictment claims Gates sent “false talking points to Company B in writing,” to which a principal responded, “there’s a lot of email traffic that has you much more involved than this suggests [.] We will not disclose that but heaven knows what former employees of [Company B] or [Company A] might say.”

If these indictments are revealed next week or later as indictments for the arrest of Tony and/or John Podesta, all hell is going to break loose in Clinton world. There are rumors floating around on Twitter that one of the Podesta’s has already been arrested.

Sealed Indictments Washington DC Tony Podesta John Podesta

It might also explain all the Hollywood sex scandals affecting big Clinton people like Harvey Weinstein as a means to isolate and expose Hillary and Bill Clinton from their backers.

It would also explain Donna Brazille suddenly breaking ranks and slamming Hillary and her people. The Obama fanatics have taken over the DNC and booting out the Clintons and the Bernie followers.

We might be seeing the start of a Left Opposition (Bernie) -Party (Obama) -Right Opposition (Hillary) intraparty war.


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