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Trump Launches Huge Tweetstorm Barrage Right Before His Joint Press Conference in Vietnam

President Donald Trump launched into a massive barrage against his critics on Twitter earlier tonight. In them he attacked his critics on Russia, meeting with Putin after setting expectations that he would not.

His second tweet was most notable, he used very strong and inflammatory language. When we saw this, we tweeted:

We expect Democrat heads to be exploding everywhere as they read that tweet. Expect the press to go into a frenzied overdrive on Russia and Trump’s hacking mind control collusion ad spending in the last election.

But Trump blatantly acknowledged what much of the country has already come to the conclusion on, this xenophobic, anti-Russian hysteria that the Democrats and CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, etc have drummed up, has continued well past the “sell by” date.

And speaking of the media, Trump slammed them too, also managing to get a shot in towards “Crooked Hillary” and her completely bungled, aborted attempts at “begging Russia to be our friend.”

Not finished, Trump fired back at Kim Jong-un after the North Korean dictator started name calling him earlier. He used a rhetorical flourish, stating he would never call him “short and fat.”

Well done Mr President. The joint press conference with Vietnam’s President Quang will begin shortly.

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