Trump: Allegations are Troubling, But Alabama ‘Voters Should Choose’… As Mitch McConnell Brushes Off Demands That He Ask for Al Franken’s Resignation

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Al Franken, along with Gloria Allred refusing to state that the yearbook was authentic or offer the yearbook to an independent investigator outside of a Senate hearing, has blown up the narrative that the Democrats and the Republicans have been trying to build against Roy Moore.

Al Franken now, in contrast to the unsubstantiated and increasingly likely fake accusations against Roy Moore, has actual photographic evidence that has been released showing him sexually assaulting a woman.

This bomb was dropped hours ago and now we have a second allegation against Al Franken. Mitch McConnell has responded that we need to “investigate” this situation, a blatant double standard that he has now shown Americans he has against Conservatives vs. Democrats.

This is a complete 180 degree turn from his absolutely anti-American stance on our long held belief that the accusers of crimes committed by others must bring evidence to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Al Franken right now has concrete proof against him that he sexually assaulted women, a massive difference from the Democrat and Republican backed witch hunt against Roy Moore, and Mitch McConnell has not called for his immediate resignation. Just yesterday Republicans in the leadership were scheming of a myriad of different ways to get Roy Moore off of the ballot in the Alabama Senate race a month out of the election.

If it is not crystal clear that Mitch McConnell is completely fine with Democrats actually raping, groping, harassing, demeaning, and assaulting women, I don’t know what to do with you. The mere mention of impropriety without any evidence whatsoever is enough to have Mitch McConnell positively seething with righteous anger and demanding the person to be struck down immediately.

So naturally, Roy Moore seized on this and attacked Mitch McConnell over his see through double standard:

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Thankfully, the White House didn’t step into the mines like the Republicans have been doing for the last week over Roy Moore and assume he’s guilty based on flimsy to no evidence. Trump’s White House issued a pretty standard boilerplate “I am concerned about these concerning allegations, concerned.”

The Associated Press on Twitter

BREAKING: White House: Trump believes voters of Alabama should decide Roy Moore’s fate, finds allegations ‘very troubling’

This must really make Lindsey Graham mad. Would he be mad enough to excommunicate Donald Trump from the Republican party?


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