Struggling Macron Replaces His Party Leader

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This is not a surprise. For those of you following French politics, you know that Macron’s popularity plummeted shortly after he was elected. Macron was never really popular, he was a typical leftist candidate who people voted for primarily because the EU’s media managed to terrify them into voting against LePen.

It’s becoming obvious the French people did not care for the person they ended up voting for:

Emmanuel Macron’s party named a new leader Saturday as the French president faces the first rebellious grumblings in the 19-month-old movement that swept him to power.

Christophe Castaner, a smooth-talking, ultra-loyal government spokesman, takes the helm of Republic on the Move (LREM) six months after Macron won the presidency in a sensational upset for French politics.

Macron’s handpicked favourite, Castaner is a former Socialist MP who joined the 39-year-old’s centrist, pro-European campaign early in his run for presidency.

Even senior figures admit that, since tasting glory over the summer with a membership that swelled to more than 350,000, the party has stagnated.

Some party activists criticised the decision to use a show of hands to elect Castaner, arguing it would pressure voters into toeing the line.

LREM will be vital for Macron at the local and regional level in France, where future elections for mayors and councils offer him the chance to push his pro-business agenda to “transform” France.

The article tires hard to spin this move as Macron “maturing” his movement, but I think it indicates disorganization and weakness.


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